Cartridge Pleat Custom Curtains

We had a Designer create a nice illustration of our Cartridge Pleat Custom Curtains and Drapes.  Just thought it might appeal to some of our Customers.  Don’t know if we will use it for anything other than this Blog POst but I think the Artist did a really nice job.

Cartridge Pleat Drapes have been around forever and they are one of our more popular pleat options.  Maybe because you can’t buy them at most big box retailers or a Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Etc.  They take a special machine to make and they really do need a little extra care from our Seamstresses.  They really are a very nice pleat and I often see them going into very high-end Hotels.  Typically your Boutique Hotels.

I hop you like the image.  We’ll be making them of each of our Custom Pleats soon.

Cartridge Pleat Custom Curtains and Drapes by DrapeStyle
Cartridge Pleat Custom Drapery by DrapeStyle