Using Ceiling Fans to Reduce Cooling Costs

It’s Spring! And here in Phoenix our temperatures have already reached the nineties! Which means most people have started using their ceiling fans (and probably air conditioners!).  Here are a few tips and ideas for cooling your home with ceiling fans.

One way to maximize the energy-saving benefits of ceiling fans is to alternate the rotation direction of the fans during different times of the year. By alternating the rotation direction, you can maintain a comfortable temperature in your home and reduce your energy costs in the process.

The direction of your ceiling fan’s blade rotation will cause the air to either be forced downward toward the floor or upward toward the ceiling. Knowing this difference helps you determine which direction is best given the season.

The forward rotation direction where the blades move counterclockwise (where the leading blade is pointing upward), is used in the summertime. This setting cools the room via the wind-chill effect, as the air is forced down on you. With a ceiling fan running in this direction, the temperature will feel about eight degrees cooler than it actually is.

The reverse setting, where the blades move clockwise (and the leading blade is pointing downward), pulls cool air upward, forcing the warmer air near the ceiling downward to heat the room. The fan should be set at a low speed in this direction.

By manipulating the rotation direction you can affect the room temperature without having to adjust your thermostat. Not having to use your home heating and cooling systems as much will reduce your energy costs and help you to be more environmentally conservative.

An energy-efficient home will allow you to lower your home’s heating and cooling bills. One of the most effective ways to enhance your ceiling fans’ cooling and heating effects is to insulate your home through window coverings.

The harder your home’s heating and cooling systems have to work to maintain a comfortable temperature, the more expensive your heating and cooling costs will be. By taking steps to warm your home in the winter and cool it in the summer, especially through insulated draperies, you will reduce your home’s energy demands, resulting in lower bills.

If you need more information on insulated window treatments, contact us here at DrapeStyle. We have been making custom window treatments for over 15 years and we would be happy to help you find a solution to your heating and cooling costs. And with over 600 fabrics to choose from, your windows will be efficient and look great!