Quality Custom Drapery at Ready Made Prices

We often get phone calls about ready-made drapes.  You know, the ones sold at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware as well as other larger retailers.  These drapes are typically made in China or India and are available in “standard” lengths and widths.  Generally ready-made drapes come in 84 inches, 96 inches and 108 inches and come in a rod-pocket header or pleat style.  There really is nothing wrong with ready-mades and for the majority of home-owners they will work just fine.

The challenge with ready-made curtains is when you have a window that is not “standard”.  Most new homes today are being built with custom windows that are no longer cookie cutter, standard window sizes.  Windows today are typically wider than average and certainly much taller than standard.  With taller and wider windows you really are not going to get away with ready-made curtains or drapery.  Especially if you you are looking for quality of fabrics and linings.

When we speak to Customers who have a ready-made budget but custom taste we often direct them to the discount department of our website called THE | OUTLET.  We started THE OUTLET about five years ago as a way of selling, at deep discounts, the remnant drapery fabrics that we had left over from orders we had finished.  At DrapeStyle, we literally make each drapery by hand and we will very often have left-over fabrics.  We started to store all of these fabrics in a small warehouse space that we had and then one day realized, wow, we have a lot of fabric left over and so THE | OUTLET was born.

The important thing to realize about our Outlet is that you are not buying damaged or rejected items.  In most cases you are just buying drapery that we are making from remnant fabrics from larger jobs.  When we list curtains or drapery on The Outlet we will calculate what the maximum length and widths are that we are able to make from the fabric and let our Customers select their exact measurements up to the maximum we can make.  Of course, since we already have the fabric on hand (and have paid for it) we can and do discount items in The Outlet by 30%, 40%, 50% or even as much as 70% off the retail price.  And, as an added bonus, we can also usually make the drapery in The Outlet faster because we have the fabric in our warehouse.

So, getting back to ready-mades.  I know this has been a long winded explanation, but for our budget-minded Customers who have taller windows, wider windows or just odd-shaped windows and they still want very high quality, please keep an eye on THE OUTLET!  We love it when we can help a Customer save 50-60% off and still get the truly hand made custom quality drapery that they would not have gotten from a department store.  Even if your looking for blinds on a budget, roman shades or pillows make sure to check The Outlet often!

Just one word of advice, when you see drapes in the perfect size on sale in The Outlet don’t hesitate, you need to buy the fast.  Items in The Outlet move very quickly and many times when they are gone, they are gone!