New Catalog Shipped

We just shipped out new 36 page drapery catalog about a week ago.  Man, it really is a lot of hard work to put one of these together.  We’re all so excited when we got it back from the printer, smelling the ink (just one of our staff was) and then here comes the mail for today.  Right on top of the pile is the new Restoration Hardware Catalog.  My gosh, really?  This thing is like three volumes thick, each volume over a hundred pages!  They must have a staff of 50 people working on this thing!

Crazy how expensive the printing of a good catalog is too.  To be honest, we have printed our catalog for years in China where we were spending about half of what we would pay to print in the US.  This edition, however, we brought it back to the US.  It is noticeably better quality, especially the colors.  When you are selling widgets and the color doesn’t make a big difference than maybe you can print in china, but when selling custom curtains and drapery color matters.  We’re back in the US to stay, I’m pretty confident of that.

Oh, the iPad version of the catalog is out too.  We love the iPad and we are making some great new improvements to it that will be out next month.  Soon you will be able to order fabric samples directly from the iPad App!  Pretty sweet!


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