Cool Off with Blackout Lining!

Every year, about this time, I am reminded of how amazing blackout lining is when it comes to insulating a room. It’s about 95 degrees where I live and we do not have AC. We do, however, have blackout on every pair of the curtains and drapes in our home. We just returned from being out all day and we closed all of the drapes before we left and returned to really cool rooms. I don’t think we could make it through the entire summer without blackout curtains and drapes.

In the winter the blackout is just as effective at keeping the warm in and cold out.

At DrapeStyle we try to make it affordable to include blackout lining on every set of custom curtains and drapes that we sell. Today you can make any set of curtains energy efficient blackout drapes for only $99 per panel. No doubt that they will pay for themselves over time with the energy that they will save.

Stay warm and enjoy!