Custom Drapery is All We Do, Since 2002!


It’s no secret that the key to good Marketing is the ability of the Marketer to be able to explain very clearly what their company does.  The Company Mission, Service or Product Offering.  It is probably one of, if not THE most basic concepts in Business and yet, one of the most elusive.  Sounds simple and it’s not.  The Business Author Jim Collins wrote an entire book about the Concept in the book called Good to Great, which I highly recommend.  Very simply the book describes how Companies who have lost site of their “Core Business”, and who are unable to communicate that core competency clearly are doomed to failure.  Do one thing, do it consistently well and communicate what you do well and you will succeed.  Never take your eye off the ball.

At DrapeStyle, part of my responsibilities is to manage our Marketing efforts and one of the fundamental cornerstones of those efforts is to be sure that the World knows exactly what it is that we do.  After over a decade of trying, I am still working on it.  Have not mastered it yet but still chipping away day-by-day.  I am reminded every single day of where I am failing…and here is an example or two…

When you are in e-commerce one of the metrics or data points we look at to see how our business is doing and if we are getting in front of the “right” Customer is by looking at Search Queries.  A Search Query is just the word, keyword or term that a Customer uses to either find You, or to find what they are looking for on your Website or Store.  In our case, we sell Custom Made Drapery – that’s it.  Now we sell some hardware, tie-backs and accessories but they are just that, accessories.  Our Core Competency, Our Mission and our Business is to make very high-quality custom drapes.  When we say “Custom” what we mean is that we actually take rolls of fabrics, thousands of fabrics and convert them into drapery.  That is what we do.

Getting back to Search Queries.  So, you have “External Search Queries” – Where a potential Customer is looking for something using a Search Engine (Google, Bing, etc.).  And, there are Internal Search Queries where a Customer is on your website and looking for a product or service within your site.  So, in our case Customers may search via Google or Bing or Yahoo for “Custom Drapes” and they will find DrapeStyle.  Or, they may search for “Drapes” and find DrapeStyle.  Researching the search external queries will tell you quite a lot about what Customers are looking for and how they found you externally – Silk Drapes, Linen Drapes, Cotton Drapes, Pleated Drapes, etc.

The Internal Search Queries are equally important because they are going to tell you as a Marketer how well the Market / Public is understanding Your Message,  Your Products, Your Service, Your Value Proposition.  In our case, we sell Custom Drapes.  So, when a Customer arrives on our website and do not understand…quickly, that we sell Custom Made Drapes, than, we are failing.  When someone searches “Red Velvet Drapes” on our site, or “Red Silk Curtains“, or “124 inch lined drapery panels”, or “French Pleated Linen Drapes” than we have failed.  The Customer does not understand that ALL of our drapes can be made to be blackout drapes.  All of our drapes are available in any pleat style imaginable and come in any length or width you need.  And that we can make any color Velvet, Silk, Linen or Cotton Drapes they wish.  And, yes, we get dozens of these search queries per day.  We fail, but keep learning and keep refining our message every single day.

I guess the fact that after 10 years of trying to communicate that at DrapeStyle all we do is make Custom Drapes proves that even the simplest business concepts can be the most demanding to perfect.  But please do tell your friends, 100% custom, any size, any pleat, any fabric and color – that is all we do.