Hyland Contemporary Cotton Drapes

We are really loving our Hyland Collection of Contemporary Cotton Drapes.  The pattern is a very modern basket weave and the color palette is amazing.  Because this fabric is made from a cotton / poly blend it is resistant to wrinkles and is very durable.  Of course we can make these drapes in any length or width for larger, longer or wider windows.

We did a quick photo of one of the more popular colors in Hyland Straw which is really gorgeous.  The color is a very soft ivory and is very versatile.  Order samples of all of the fabrics to see the fabric in your own home.


Cortinas Para Usted!

We just got back from a trip down to Mexico looking at a few Hotel Projects.  It really is amazing how many new properties are being built in the resort areas of Mexico.  It’s nice to see that their economy, after years of hyper inflation has now stabilized and is growing.

The Internet is really such an amazing thing.  I know, this has been said by millions but it really does remind us how small the world is.  The ability for Companies to find our Products online and contact us when they are looking to buy Drapery or Cortinas was unheard of only a decade ago.  Any business today and truly be a “International” business if they desire.

We’ve shipped drapes to almost every continent at this point so whether you are looking for Drapes, Cortinas, Les rideaux, Drapiert or Tende we have you covered.

One of our more popular areas for shipping our custom drapery too has been in the Cabo Area.  Specifically Developments like El Dorado, Cabo Del Sol, Palmilla, Pedregal, Espiritu Del Mar, and Villas Del Mar.

DrapeStyle is happy to ship our Custom Made Curtains and Shades to Mexico, Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Japan and The United Kingdom.