Amazing Custom Roman Blinds

We are so loving our Roman Shades and Roman Blinds at DrapeStyle.  We’re having fun creating some great traditional and contemporary looks!  Consider layering your Drapery over Roman Shades for great depth and contrast!  Don’t forget to add blackout lining to roman shades and blinds as well!

Roman Shades
DrapeStyle makes each Roman Blind and Roman Shade by Hand in California


Cartridge Pleat Custom Curtains

We had a Designer create a nice illustration of our Cartridge Pleat Custom Curtains and Drapes.  Just thought it might appeal to some of our Customers.  Don’t know if we will use it for anything other than this Blog POst but I think the Artist did a really nice job.

Cartridge Pleat Drapes have been around forever and they are one of our more popular pleat options.  Maybe because you can’t buy them at most big box retailers or a Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Etc.  They take a special machine to make and they really do need a little extra care from our Seamstresses.  They really are a very nice pleat and I often see them going into very high-end Hotels.  Typically your Boutique Hotels.

I hop you like the image.  We’ll be making them of each of our Custom Pleats soon.

Cartridge Pleat Custom Curtains and Drapes by DrapeStyle
Cartridge Pleat Custom Drapery by DrapeStyle



The Old House

Effective ideas that will help you transform your old home into a modern one

Interior design ideas are very important when deciding on the decoration pattern to undertake while transforming your old house to a new house. This transformation is usually very important especially for people who have old furniture and other house items and see the need for change. There are different ways through which you can be able to upgrade your house while still using the old furniture in the house. This is usually very important in that it makes it quite easy and economical to transform your house. You do not have to replace your old furniture with new ones as this might prove to be quite hard and even uneconomical. In addition to this, you may not be in a position to be able to dispose off the old furniture.

In order to spice up the interior decoration of your house, you should change the decoration pattern that exists in the “old” house. This change is usually very important in that it makes it quite easy for one to be able to note a difference in the house. You should recessed lighting to replace the already existing hanging light fixtures in the house. You should also consider upgrading the paint in your house to a modern paint, one that is very attractive and appealing to the eye. You should carry out an extensive search on the best color combination that matches the furniture and other items in your house.

It is equally advisable to give your house a feel of custom made drapery. This decoration is a high quality decoration that is able to effectively complement the house’s lighting, painting and even furniture among other items. This decoration should mainly be used in the living room and in any other room that you may feel like. The main aim of interior design and decoration ideas while upgrading an old house is so as to bring out a very clear difference, one that clearly stands out for identification. This also helps in giving your house the much needed luxurious touch.

While upgrading your old house, you should ensure that you use the already existing furniture and other items instead of purchasing new ones. However it requires you to be quite resourceful in order to identify the best interior design idea to use in order to achieve an excellent decoration. You can rely on the internet and other resource centers in order to be able to identify the best idea to use. Old furniture is better than new furniture in that the old one has a better sustainability as compared to the new one. As such the old furniture is usually more resistant to damage and breakage.

Please Call for Longer Lengths

We really need to communicate this better.  At DrapeStyle we make each custom curtain panel, drapery panel and roman blind or roman shade to order.  Since we make each of them from scratch from the roll of fabric there is literally no limit to the length or width of drape that we can make.  So, if you have 18 foot tall windows, we can make your drapes for them.  Have extra wide windows. no problem.  We make drapes for virtually every size and shape of window there is, period.  We even make custom curtains for stages and auditoriums.

The following image is for draper that we made for a restaurant in San Francisco.  The curtains are about 25 feet long and they turned out to be, well, gorgeous.

Please call us if you can seem to find the perfect width or length on our website.  Also, please be sure to check the wide variety of lining options as well, including blackout lining and English Bump.

DrapeStyle makes custom curtains and drapes for any size of window
DrapeStyle Makes Custom Made Window Treatments for Extra Long and Extra Wide Windows.


Blackout Curtains and Drapes

When it comes to luxury custom silk and linen drapery there is really one secret of better interior decorators that you need to know.  Designers and Decorators who really want to bring value to their Clients will almost always specify blackout curtains and drapery for their homes.  If you are in the warm tropical climate in Florida or in the cold and wet Northeast Blackout Curtains will make a huge difference for your home.  Blackout will reduce the light (almost all of it) from passing through your drapes and ultimately increase the life time of your drapes, carpet and upholstery.

Blackout also has the added benefit of making your room perfectly dark when you want it.  So, Home Theaters or just a cozy bedroom or living room are perfect for blackout drapery.  And blackout doesn’t need to break the bank.  At DrapeStyle we offer an upgrade on any of our custom drapery panels to “Blackout” for just $99.  Well worth the investment.  If you have ever considered upgrading your drapery lining to blackout you really need to make the investment, it will pay dividends for years to come!


We Know Drapes, Blinds and Curtains.

Once in a while we get the chance to be part of a really cool decorating or restoration project.  Our most recent was in Paris California at the March Air Force Base.  The Base is well over 50 years old and they had the opportunity to re-decorate the Officers Club.  The Club was, well, it was tired.  But it also had tons of character.  You could sit in the 1950’s era deep red leather lounge chairs and just think of the conversations that Officers must have had in them back in World War II.  I think most of the paint and wallpaper was pretty original and the bar top – definitely.  The Team in charge of the re-model kept all of the that nostalgia and just freshened it up a bit.  They really maximized their budget.

DrapeStyle was awarded the bid to make all of the new custom curtains and drapes.  The Design Team chose a classic sheer curtain style and roman blinds that worked really well and didn’t break the bank.  We’ve done many commercial drapery projects at DrapeStyle but this was our first time doing a Project for the Military.  We really felt proud to have been selected and to have been able to make the new drapery right here in the USA.  I guess at the end of the day it just made us proud to be Americans.

Thank you very much to all of those who serve.






Custom Roman Blinds for any Budget

About six months ago DrapeStyle opened our new Orange County California Production Facility.  With our expanded capacity we are making more Roman Blinds than ever before and prices to fit any budget.  Unlike most Roman Shade and Blind Retailers, DrapeStyle makes our Blinds to order, by hand in the USA.

Our Shades and Blinds are available in over 300 fabric options from incredible Designers and Mills like Schumacher, Kravet, Lee Jofa and Duralee just to name a few.  Of course if you are on a Budget, we have your Blinds too.  Our Budget conscious Blinds are available in 100 cotton fabrics and poly/cotton blends.  Regardless of your selection of fabric, all of our shades and roman blinds are made to the exact same custom specifications that you would expect from DrapeStyle including solid hardwood header boards.

Our Roman Blinds and Shades ship in 2-3 weeks and are a perfect compliment to our custom made curtains and drapery.

Restoration Begins Today

Our hearts go out to everyone in the Tri-State Area.  At DrapeStyle we have a very special connection to the area, especially the Jersey Shore where several of us are from and we still spend a great deal of time there.  The one important truth that I keep reminding myself us is the resilience of the American People, especially those from New York and New Jersey.

It is easy to forget that hurricanes, major hurricanes are frequent along the Central Atlantic Seaboard.  As I child I was a witness to several.  I also remember my grandmother showing me photos of the storm that hit Long Beach Island in 1962.  My Family has had a home on LBI since the early sixties and in the late fifties my grandfather would often spend weekends in the fall on LBI duck hunting.  He was there in 1962 when a storm nearly wiped the island away.  Although not considered a hurricane, the storm of 62′ cleared nearly all of the home off the island.  Of course, when these homes were built they weren’t built to today’s building codes.  Almost none of the houses were built on pilings and most were used as weekend bungalows or hunting cabins.  After the storm of 1962 building codes required homes to be built to much higher standards and piling requirements were made code.

Our LBI Home is in Ship Bottom.  We’re at the center of the island in a working class neighborhood.  Not nearly as popular as Beach Haven and not as cosmopolitan as Love Ladies but it has been our family retreat since the mid-sixties.  My father bought the home after we had rented it for a couple summer weekends.  The owner just asked if he was interested and after an exchange of about $6,000 our family owned an LBI home.  My dad often laughs that, at the time, he had no idea what the house was worth – or that he could have bought a beach front or bay front home for maybe $500 more.  Didn’t really matter and still doesn’t.  My childhood was spent at that home and most of my happiest memories are there.

Nearly half of a century after after my parents purchased the home it is still as much of a part of my Families DNA than ever before.  My children now consider LBI their summer home and although we live on the west coast, not a mile from the beach, they can’t wait until we travel back to LBI every summer.  For them, LBI is the beach.

The little shack that we spent the summers in when I was a child was replaced by a new home in the mid-1980’s.  The original home that we named “The Aussie” was the “original” LBI Home.  What it lacked in amenities it certainly made up for in character.  No heat, no air-conditioning and a screen door that I can still hear slapping shut when I think about it.  Every inch of that house had memories attached to it.  Memories that I hope I never forget.

Time will pass for this disaster and homes will be rebuilt.  Neighbors will become closer and communities will thrive.

We Love Long Beach Island New Jersey at DrapeStyle!