DrapeStyle Offers Special Financing – No Interest

DrapeStyle, Today announced a new Consumer Financing Program in conjunction with “Bill Me Later” a division of PayPal.  Qualifying Consumers who purchase new Custom Window Treatments from DrapeStyle will receive the option of making no payments and pay no interest for 6 months.

“This is a great way for our Customers to make improvements to their homes and reduce their cash-flow for a period of time.  Anything we can do to help increase Customer’s spending power is a good thing for our Customers, DrapeStyle and the economy in general” said Christian Sinatra, CEO of DrapeStyle.

Details of the Program are available here.

DrapeStyle Shipping and Installing Nationwide for Over a Decade

We get calls all of the time about installing our drapes all across the US and Canada.  Our list of DrapeStyle Installers has you covered – coast-to-coast.  Our custom drapery ships all over the world including Austrailia, Switzerland and the UK.  But we really like shipping luxurious DrapeStyle Drapery to places like Flower Mound Texas, The Woodlands, Charlotte North Carolina and all over South Florida.  We’ve got you covered in Boca Raton, Miami and all of Broward County.  We’ve got you covered in Ocean County New Jersey, all of North and South Jersey for that matter.  Chicagoland?  Yep, how is Naperville, Hinsdale and Oakpark?

We may be based in California but after over a decade of installing our Roman Blinds, Drapery Hardware and Window Treatments all over this Country we are pretty confident that we’ve got you covered from Kona to Kansas City.


Custom Drapery for Large, Wide or Extra Long Windows

Can DrapeStyle make very long curtains and drapery?  Extra wide curtains and drapes?  Blackout curtains?  The answer, of course, is YES!  We really need to do a better job of letting everyone know that DrapeStyle makes each drapes from scratch.  We don’t bring them in from India or China, we actually unroll the fabric, cut them and make the drapery the old fashioned way.  Making drapes here in the US went our of fashion about five decades ago but we still make them here.  Manufacturing in the US – California no less, is certainly not the least expensive way to make drapery but it does allow us to make the very best quality in the business.  Luxury and quality custom made drapery is what we have been about for well over a decade.

So, the short answer is, yes – DrapeStyle can make your extra long drapes, extra wide drapery and blackout curtains for your home theater room!  If you don’t see exactly what you need on our website just give us a call.  Our Team of Designers (Yes – they really are Designers) can help you create the perfect drapery to your exact specifications and measurements.  And we can probably make them for less than what you would think.  Just give us a call!


New Catalog Shipped

We just shipped out new 36 page drapery catalog about a week ago.  Man, it really is a lot of hard work to put one of these together.  We’re all so excited when we got it back from the printer, smelling the ink (just one of our staff was) and then here comes the mail for today.  Right on top of the pile is the new Restoration Hardware Catalog.  My gosh, really?  This thing is like three volumes thick, each volume over a hundred pages!  They must have a staff of 50 people working on this thing!

Crazy how expensive the printing of a good catalog is too.  To be honest, we have printed our catalog for years in China where we were spending about half of what we would pay to print in the US.  This edition, however, we brought it back to the US.  It is noticeably better quality, especially the colors.  When you are selling widgets and the color doesn’t make a big difference than maybe you can print in china, but when selling custom curtains and drapery color matters.  We’re back in the US to stay, I’m pretty confident of that.

Oh, the iPad version of the catalog is out too.  We love the iPad and we are making some great new improvements to it that will be out next month.  Soon you will be able to order fabric samples directly from the iPad App!  Pretty sweet!


Order Drapery Style Catalog
DrapeStyle Custom Drapery Catalog


Custom Drapes for Large Windows

When you are looking for new custom drapery to cover your large, small or odd sized windows, chances are that you won’t find what you need at one of the chain stores.  Most of the chain stores carry ready-made drapes that are made in India or China and typically come in for or five sizes.

My Sister recently bought a new home in Haddonfield New Jersey.  Haddonfield is in Southern New Jersey and is a really gorgeous historical town.  The homes in Haddonfield are historical and very traditional with plenty of character to spare.  When Pam purchased the home she wanted to replace all of the drapery with a combination of silk and linen.  Because the windows are nearly 200 years old they are quite drafty and don’t provide a great deal of insulation during the cold New Jersey winters.

When Pam measured the windows none of them were what you would consider “standard” sizes.  They also weren’t very large.  Her ceilings are high but like most homes built during this period the windows (glass was an expensive luxury) were small and drafty.  An important thing to remember is just because you you have small windows you should still select you drapery as if they were large windows.  Especially if you have high ceilings.  Adding tall drapery will add a great deal of height to the space and hide the fact that you have small windows.

In my Sisters home will also added English Bump Interlining.  English Bump is a very thick cotton flannel lining that has been used for centuries to help provide insulation in homes. As you would guess by the name, English Bump originated in England where wealthy aristocrats would use it to insulate their drafty homes.  Bump still works amazingly well and really makes a room cozy and well insulated.  Another benefit of Bump is that it really adds weight to the drapery and makes them “hang” very elegantly.  If you have a drafty room you should really consider Bump.  Also consider this golden rule for truly elegant and luxurious drapery and curtains, if you have large windows, tall windows, round windows or small windows, you still want to use the maximum height available.  Don’t skimp with standard size ready-made drapes, truth is you can get quality custom drapery which will last years longer and provide you with great insulation.





Houzz and DrapeStyle

We are loving some of the new Drapery Ideabooks at Houzz!




Quality Custom Drapery at Ready Made Prices

We often get phone calls about ready-made drapes.  You know, the ones sold at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware as well as other larger retailers.  These drapes are typically made in China or India and are available in “standard” lengths and widths.  Generally ready-made drapes come in 84 inches, 96 inches and 108 inches and come in a rod-pocket header or pleat style.  There really is nothing wrong with ready-mades and for the majority of home-owners they will work just fine.

The challenge with ready-made curtains is when you have a window that is not “standard”.  Most new homes today are being built with custom windows that are no longer cookie cutter, standard window sizes.  Windows today are typically wider than average and certainly much taller than standard.  With taller and wider windows you really are not going to get away with ready-made curtains or drapery.  Especially if you you are looking for quality of fabrics and linings.

When we speak to Customers who have a ready-made budget but custom taste we often direct them to the discount department of our website called THE | OUTLET.  We started THE OUTLET about five years ago as a way of selling, at deep discounts, the remnant drapery fabrics that we had left over from orders we had finished.  At DrapeStyle, we literally make each drapery by hand and we will very often have left-over fabrics.  We started to store all of these fabrics in a small warehouse space that we had and then one day realized, wow, we have a lot of fabric left over and so THE | OUTLET was born.

The important thing to realize about our Outlet is that you are not buying damaged or rejected items.  In most cases you are just buying drapery that we are making from remnant fabrics from larger jobs.  When we list curtains or drapery on The Outlet we will calculate what the maximum length and widths are that we are able to make from the fabric and let our Customers select their exact measurements up to the maximum we can make.  Of course, since we already have the fabric on hand (and have paid for it) we can and do discount items in The Outlet by 30%, 40%, 50% or even as much as 70% off the retail price.  And, as an added bonus, we can also usually make the drapery in The Outlet faster because we have the fabric in our warehouse.

So, getting back to ready-mades.  I know this has been a long winded explanation, but for our budget-minded Customers who have taller windows, wider windows or just odd-shaped windows and they still want very high quality, please keep an eye on THE OUTLET!  We love it when we can help a Customer save 50-60% off and still get the truly hand made custom quality drapery that they would not have gotten from a department store.  Even if your looking for blinds on a budget, roman shades or pillows make sure to check The Outlet often!

Just one word of advice, when you see drapes in the perfect size on sale in The Outlet don’t hesitate, you need to buy the fast.  Items in The Outlet move very quickly and many times when they are gone, they are gone!



Preparing for Next Catalog Shoot

Well it’s that time of year again.  We’re starting to prepare for a new photo shoot for images that will be used in our next catalog.  Every year we try to complete about three photo shoots, some years a little less, some years a little more.  For our next shoot I thought it would be fun to take you through the creative process with us.  I’ll try to leave out most of the boring and tedious logistical details and focus on how we approach each shoot creatively.  How we determine which windows to shoot, how we dress them, etc.  Tag along, I hope you will enjoy the process.

For our next shoot we spent a few weeks looking for a suitable location.  Finding the “right” location is probably the most difficult part, and arguably the most important part of any photo-shoot.  We try to never shoot int he same house more than once and each home we find will always have some specific challenges.  Are the windows too wide, too dark, too tall.  What is the style of the house and does it mix with the types of window treatments we are trying to shoot?  There is also the delicate matter of working with the Homes Owners.  We are always very professional and extremely respectful of the contents and decor of any home we shoot in but there are always challenges that arise with scheduling, timing, even whether the Owners pets will be inconvenienced by our crew.

For this shoot we are lucky.  We found a home that is not very far from our offices in Orange County.  And, the best part is that it’s a bank-owned property that is totally vacant.  Love this.  We have a couple blocks of time that we have booked and we will be in the house exclusively for eight hours at a time.  The down-side (there are always down-sides) is that the house is not 100% perfect.  It is brand new construction with large, tall windows and doors with great hardware and really high dramatic ceilings.  I think the home is probably 5,500 square feet.  Unfortunately, the back yard was never completed by the Developer before he apparently lost the home to the Bank.  So we don’t have a killer background to shoot where we would be able to hang some great outdoor drapes or shades.

The basic style of the home is more “Tuscan” with dark woods, very high ceilings, lots of iron and exposed beams.  So the idea of shooting contemporary window treatments is not going to work.  And, unlike the more bleached wood look that is pretty hot at the moment (thanks to Restoration Hardware) the woods in this home are more in the cherry wood and teak.  We can work with this.

Once we’ve selected the appropriate windows and doors that will be shooting we will next have to send out one of our Installers to measure.  The windows are a bit odd-sized and no doubt 100% custom.  Our Installers will visit the home in the next couple of days and get all of the measurements that we will need to start specifying the hardware.  The hardware has the longest lead-time of anything we sell so we will want to get that order in as soon as possible.  We’ll be looking at iron hardware for sure as it will compliment the homes interior the best.  The taller ceilings and windows will require some extra production time for the curtains as well.

Stay tuned for the next installment as we determine fabrics that we’ll be start to create or drapery and shades from.

DrapeStyle Photo Shoot Location


Great Custom Curtain and Drapery Pleat Options

So it’s hard enough to select the perfect fabric for your new curtains or drapes but you also need to decide on a pleat too. There are so many too choose from from the traditional French Pleat, also know as the Pinch Pleat and almost a dozen more. Well, let’s first just slow down a relax. Picking the perfect pleat for your new custom curtains or drapes is really easy.

First, let’s look at your style of decor. Is it traditional? Contemporary? Maybe Transitional? Whatever your style of decor, DrapeStyle has the perfect pleat for you. Shoot, we could even make a unique pleat just for your own room.

In general terms you want to match your drapery or curtain pleat to your style. If your modern or contemporary choose a grommet pleat. Traditional you will generally go with a French or Parisian pleat. And if you are somewhere in between, or Transitional, than go for the inverted or or box pleat. And, of course, if you just know what the pleat looks like but don’t know it’s name just call us and we can identify it for you.

You may also take some time to look at some great images on Pinterest or Houzz. DrapeStyle has images posted but we can also make anything you see from one of the thousands of Designers who post thier images on these sites. So, just look around and have fun. Once you find the perfect custom curtain or drapery style then just give us a call and send us the pictures. We’ll make it for you from scratch!

Thanks for visiting!

Custom Drapery…Fast!

We can’t beleive that we are on the doorstep of another Holiday Season at DrapeStyle. This is our busiest time of the year. Everyone want their custom drapes and they want their custom drapes fast! Well, since opening our newest production facility in Costa Mesa, CA this year, we are are better prepared to get your orders out quickly than ever. But, if you are considering ordering custom curtains for this years Holiday Season, please don’t wait! Order early for fastest delivery!

And, of course, Happy Holidays from all of us at DrapeStyle!!

Custom Curtains and Drapes by DrapeStyle

Schumacher Custom Drapes in Amboise Linen color Griege by DrapeStyle. Hand-Made in the USA