Making Custom Outdoor Pillows at DrapeStyle

Some times we forget to remind everyone that we make custom made pillows at DrapeStyle. Hundreds of them in fact, including amazing pillows in Outdoor Fabrics. This week we were making some outdoor pillows in Trina Turk fabrics – which we love – so we shot a quick video on how we make them. Hope you enjoy and remember when you are ordering your custom made curtains, drapery or shades at DrapeStyle that we can make you matching pillows from the same fabric we cut your drapery from! Just give one of our Designers a call to get pricing and order!


Hope you enjoy the video!


Making Custom Made Outdoor Pillows at DrapeStyle


Fire Treated Drapery at DrapeStyle

We are in the process of finishing a large job for a commercial Client. The Client is a Church and we are making their drapes for their Community Center and stage. As part of the process of making drapery for any commercial project where the premises will be accessed by the public we must have the drapery fabric “fire treated”.

When we fire treat the fabric we send it out to a company that takes the fabric and coats it with a “fire resistant” chemical. It is very important to be clear that this process, nor does any process, make the fabric or drapery “fire proof”. What the process does do is to slow the burn rate of the fabric to allow for more time for people to vacate the area.

Whenever you see drapery in a hotel, restaurant or any public area that drapery has been fire treated. Before the drapery is installed most local fire codes require that a sample of the fire treated material be sent to the fire department. In addition to the fabric samples we also send specific certificates which clearly identify what fabrics were fire treated and how long the expected “burn rate” is.

Once the fire department has the fabric samples they will actually conduct a “burn rate analysis” on a controlled lab. In the test the fabric will be ignited and the rate at which the fire consumes the fabric will be recorded and documented. The fabric will either “pass” or “fail” based on the burn rate in the lab.

Assuming that the fabric passes the burn rate test in the lab, the fire department will provide the building owner with a certificate which will allow them to proceed with opening the facility to the public.

I know, this is a long way of saying “DrapeStyle can Fire Treat your drapery”. We can complete the same process for your home as we do for a commercial project. The process will, of course, add to the price and the lead-time but if you are concerned about the flammability of your drapery than you should consider having them fire treated. We don’t offer the service / process on our website so please feel free to call and speak to one of our Design Professionals to learn more about fire treating your custom drapes.

Custom Drapery with Grommets

At DrapeStyle we have been making custom drapery with a wide variety of grommets for over a decade.  Like almost everything else at DrapeStyle, there is almost nothing “standard” including our grommets.  When you order your custom made drapery or curtains with grommets from DrapeStyle, you will select your grommet size and color.  We offer a larger diameter which is most commonly used on a thicker drapery rod outdoors to a smaller grommet for a very contemporary drapery look.  The choice is yours and if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for online than please call one of our Designers.  We have access to literally dozens of drapery grommet sizes, colors and materials.  And, of course, we set each grommet by hand!

Custom Velvet Drapes by DrapeStyle

Custom velvet drapes have been a Designers favorite for years. Velvet is a very durable fabric with excellent insulting qualities and has been used for custom drapery for over 100 years. Because velvet is a heavier fabric it tends to hang very full when used as drapery and works well with almost any pleat style including grommets. One important consideration when selecting Velvet as your custom drapery fabric is to get a sturdy drapery hardware and pole option that will support the weight of velvet. Raw Velvet weighs about twice as much a similar silk, linen or cotton so be sure that your drapery hardware can handle the load. The benefit of such heavy material is incredible insulation from both noise and temperature. Velvet will help keep you warm in the winter and cold in the summer.

Custom Velvet Drapes
Custom velvet Drapery by DrapeStyle


Amazing Custom Outdoor Curtains

There is still time to get amazing outdoor custom drapery and curtains at DrapeStyle! We are expediting all of our Custom Outdoor Drapery Orders to get them to you as fast as possible! Please call one of our Designers to see if we have your fabric choice in stock! We feature Sunbrella Outdoor as well as Schumacher! Hurry – The Summer is Here!

The Timeless Classic Linen Drapery

At DrapeStyle, we’ve been making classic linen drapery for well over a decade.  Most people know us for our custom silk drapery but we actually make more custom linen drapes every year than we do silk.  The stats really speak for themselves.  There really is not a more classic and versatile fabric than linen.  Especially when you can select your own custom features like pleat style and lining options.  Take a gorgeous linen drape and line it with quality linings including blackout lining and you have a custom drape that is gorgeous and energy efficient.  We make custom linen drapes for Clients all over the US and Canada and supprisingly, most of our linens go to urban areas like Toronto, LA and New York City.

If you are considering materials for your custom drapes than linen really needs to be on your short list.  Call a DrapeStyle Designer and let us help you build the perfect custom drape for your home for a lot less than you would expect to pay.

Custom Linen Drapery
Estate Linen Drapes by DrapeStyle


Amazing New Custom Roman Shades from DrapeStyle

We love Roman Shades at DrapeStyle and wan to be sure that all of our Customers know that we can make Custom Roman Shades in any of our fabrics.  With over 200 fabrics to choose from including Robert Allen, Schumacher, Kravet and our own DrapeStyle fabrics you are sure to find the perfect Roman Shade and a great discount.  We make our Roman Shades right here in Costa Mesa and if you don’t see the fabric you are looking for please just give one of our Designers a call!  We’ve been making Roman Shades in a variety of styles including Flat Roman Shades and Relaxed Roman Shades.  Of course, at DrapeStyle you will always be able to select your lining options including energy efficient Blackout Lining and Privacy Lining.

Custom Roman Shades by DrapeStyle
Custom Roman Shades and Woven Shades by DrapeStyle



Amazing Window Treatments for Any Budget

At DrapeStyle we are always looking for new and innovative ways to make our Custom Window Treatments as affordable as possible. The biggest advantage that DrapeStyle has is our own manufacturing facilities. Like most other Drapery or Window Treatment Retailers, DrapeStyle manufacturers all of our drapery and shades in-house. This allows us to make your drapes, shades, curtains and window treatments as affordable as possible without compromising on quality.

Secondly, DrapeStyle offers hundreds of fabric options that we purchase directly from the Mills. Purchasing in large quantities from the manufacturers allows us to get the very best pricing on the highest quality fabrics available. We can then pass these discounts along to our Customers.

At DrapeStyle, we are working every day to find new ways of delivering the very best quality custom curtains and window treatments at the very best pricing available.

Upgrade to Blackout Drapes at DrapeStyle!

If you have ever considered the great benefits of blackout drapes than now is the perfect time to buy online at DrapeStyle! For a limited time you can upgrade any of our custom made linen or silk drapes to blackout lining for only $99 per panel. That is a great value for high quality blackout lining from Hanes.

Blackout Custom Drapery has many advantages over standard linings. Blackout reduces about 98% of all light and UV rays from entering your room. As a result you get great privacy, energy efficiency and better protection of the drapery fabric and upholstery in the room. Blackout drapery will tend to pay for itself over time.

Of course, if you have ever enjoyed blackout drapes in a nice hotel room than you also know how great it is to sleep with less light and noise!

Luxurious Custom Curtains and Window Treatments at DrapeStyle

DrapeStyle has been designing the highest quality custom made window treatments, curtains and drapery for over a decade.  And we make all of our curtains and drapes right here in the USA.  Buying directly from the manufacturer means you can save up to half off drapes that you would expect to spend elsewhere.  If your looking for modern window treatments, classic drapery or country curtains please look at our ever expanding inventory at DrapeStyle.  Our drapes are made with luxurious fabrics from Schumacher, Robert Allen, Waverly, Kravet and Duralee to name a few.

DrapeStyle Custom Drapey or Macy’s Shop at Home or Smith &?

If have been considering buying custom drapery from Macy’s Shop at Home Service you really owe it to yourself to consider DrapeStyle. Like Macy’s Custom Drapes, DrapeStyle has hundreds of fabrics to choose from. Also, Like Macy’s Custom Curtain Program, DrapeStyle allows you to see all of our fabrics at home and make a decision at your own pace. DrapeStyle, however, will not send a Sales Person to your home. DrapeStyle will provide you with all of the design advise you need without any of the pressure.

When you are ready to discuss your custom curtain project please give one of our Designers a call and let DrapeStyle send you samples and provide you with design advice without sending out a sales person.

Restoration Hardware and Ethan Allen

We have a local Mercedes Benz Dealer here in Orange County.  They have an ad campaign on radio and television that is quite compelling.  The ad basically is a “call out” to anyone who is looking to buy a car, but not just any car.  They are targeting folks who are looking to buy a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord.  Now why in the world would a Mercedes Dealer be targeting Camry and Accord buyers?  The answer is really pretty simple.  The price of Japanese Cars has been increasing dramatically over the years while at the same time, Mercedes is introducing lower cost models designed to compete with the two most popular models in the World, Camry and Accord.   Pretty smart really.  The reality of it, and most people would not know it, is that you really can get a Mercedes for pretty close to what you would pay for a Accord or Camry.

So, I started thinking and shopping for custom draperies from Restoration Hardware and Ethan Allen who are our “competitors” and quickly discovered that, for what they are charging for imported ready0-made drapery panels you really can get a Mercedes.  By Mercedes, of course, I mean real 100% custom from DrapeStyle.  Made to you exact length, width and pleat style.  Just the way you want them.  So listen out there America, if you are looking to buy custom draperies from Restoration Hardware, The Shade Store or Ethan Allen you really need to come visit us at DrapeStyle….and drive away with your “Mercedes of Custom Made Drapery”!

Linen – In Style Then, In Style Now

If you have spent anytime looking for custom drapery online at places like Restoration Hardware drapery and Smith and Noble you will certainly notice the resurgence of Linen as the fabric of choice. It really is amazing that a fabric that has been around for literally thousands of years would still be as relevant today as it was then. Linen Custom Drapery has been a perennial favorite at DrapeStyle for well over a decade. It’s versatile, comfortable, economical and environmentally sustainable. If you are looking for custom linen drapery please be sure to see our entire collection and compare our Made in the USA Construction and prices.

DrapeStyle Launches App for the iPad

DrapeStyle has just released it’s new application for the iPad. The new DrapeStyle App showcases our full line of luxurious custom made drapery, curtains and window treatments in an easy to use format. We will be adding additional functionality to the application in the coming months. It’s like having a custom drapery window treatment and shade store right on your iPad!DrapeStyle Introduces Custom Window Treatment iPad Application