Charlotte and Matthews North Carolina

We were driving from Matthews on our way through Ballantyne going to see some amazing homes in Dilworth and Myers Park.  The drive, and shopping in Ballatyne is really great, tons of new stores being built.  We found a little drapery store tucked into a unique store in Ballantyne Commons.  The Store is basically a group of small showrooms who rent space within one retail store in a nice new shopping center.  It really is a great concept.  The one thing that is a little odd is that the stores are not typically staffed with someone to help you or answer questions.  I think that when it comes to purchasing custom drapes like those we sell a DrapeStyle this concept probably wouldn’t work.  But, if you just want to get a couple ready made, simple panels it’s probably a good spot for you.

We left Ballantyne Commons and headed to Myers Park.  This is such a gorgeous and regal old community which is in the process of a “revival”.  Myers Park, reminded us of Hindsdale or Naperville outside of Chicago.  These communities are within a 15 minute commute to downtown Chicago or, in the case of Myers Park and Dilworth, Charlotte.  The downtown areas are full of well-paying jobs which are now primarily in the Financial Services industries with, in the case of Charlotte, the Headquarters of some major banks such as Bank of America.

Many of the young executives at these firms are buying older homes in Dilworth and Myers Park and completely renovating them.  These classic homes, which were originally built in the 18th Century are getting complete makeovers and many of them are nothing short of fabulous.  We had the chance to tour some of the homes with a Real Estate friend who lives in the area.  We fell in love with the classic architecture and style of these homes and we were happy to see that most of the renovations are in keeping with the time-period and style of the area.  Like in Hinsdale and Naperville, there is a little conflict with the older established residents who are opposed to any change but, for the most part, folks seem to be co-existing.

We visited the home of a DrapeStyle Client from years ago.  We had made her some long custom drapes in Taffeta Silk that hang over her extra large living room windows.  She used a traverse rod and layered sheers behind the silk drapes.  In the morning she loves to open the draperies and leave the sheers closed.  From her kitchenette she can just see the outline of the hundred year old oak tree which stands proudly in her from yard.  We suggested that she line the silk drapes with blackout lining and she is happy that she did.  At night she closes the long silk drapes which block our nearly all of the light and occasional street noise from passing cars.  What a lovely day in the Greater Charlotte area.  We are so lucky to have such great clients down here which gives us a great opportunity to visit these historic neighborhoods and homes.