Comtemporary Drapes

At DrapeStyle we’ve been making contemporary drapes for over a decade.  When we say “Contemporary” here is what we mean.

  • Contemporary Pleat Styles:  The most popular pleat for contemporary curtains or drapes is the Grommet Pleat.  We offer many different style of grommets from large stainless steel to medium sized brushed nickel and brass.  Of course, we hand-press each grommet right here in our Orange County Workroom.  As a matter of fact, we have a short video of how we hand press each grommet here:

  • Contemporary Fabrics:  When it comes to contemporary fabrics for drapes, curtains or roman shades and blinds we really have you covered.  At DrapeStyle we have over 300 fabric styles many of them are contemporary metallic or geometric.  We even have some amazing metallic sheer fabrics that are awesome and we usually use grommets with them as well.  A few years ago Schumacher introduced the Imperial Trellis Fabrics that really defined the “Hollywood Regency” look which is really vintage contemporary and is used in so many mid-century homes in Palm Springs and LA.  We offer contemporary geometric fabrics in linen, cotton and polyester to meet anyone’s budget.

But our contemporary fabrics are certainly not exclusive to the west coast.  We’ve done some amazing contemporary projects in New York, Connecticut and Florida as well.  Here is a great shot of some contemporary modern drapes we did for a high-rise project in LA.  Notice how we marry the metallic fabrics with over-sized grommets for a very modern look.

Contemporary Curtains and Drapes by DrapeStyle
We used a very modern metallic fabric to make these drapes and then used the over-sized grommets in matte-nickel to really make them ultra-contemporary.
  • Modern Length and Width:  Like the way suit styles or hem-line styles vary, so do the cuts of drapery and curtains.  For a more modern or contemporary look most Designers are opting for less “puddle” where the bottom hem of the drapes end about 1-2 inches above the floor.  This is a contrast from traditional drapery lengths that will often “puddle” on the floor with an extra 6-8 inches of fabric.