SoCo Orange County

Have you been to SoCo, The South Coast Collection in Orange County yet?  We’ve been spending some time there over the last 18 months and there really seems to be constant turnover.  At one point a couple of years ago we were considering opening a custom drapery store in SoCo but we just couldn’t pull the trigger.  The tenants that were there were very high-end and consistent with what we would consider our “peers” but we just didn’t see very much foot traffic.  And, the traffic we did see were mostly Students from the surrounding schools including the Paul Mitchell School in SoCo itself.

One of the Tenants that seemed to be a “cornerstone” Tenant for SoCo was Pal + Smith.  Pal + Smith is a Newport Beach based Design Firm who was one of the first to move into SoCo.  I was surprised when I noticed they had moved out of their premier location just off the central courtyard.  I understand that they have relocated out of SoCo to new location on Baker street in Costa Mesa.

The restaurants seem to be doing well at SoCo.  I haven’t been during dinner hours but I know when I stop during lunch time they seem to be thriving.

The OC Mix which is part of SoCo is a very hip and unique concept.  The Mix features a compilation of small “micro-showrooms” all under one roof.  While originally most of the showrooms were all focused around Home Decor, I have noticed a more eclectic mix now ranging from designer sunglasses to beach cruiser bicycles.  The even have a very trendy lingerie store.

We do really love spending time at SoCo, including the weekends when they have the Farmers Market take over most of the parking lot.  Burnham really did a great job in re-purposing this once forgotten space.