DrapeStyle Welcomes Robert Allen to our Collection!

DrapeStyle is very happy to introduce Robert Allen Fabrics + Custom Drapery to our Collection. Known for great design and reasonable prices Robert Allen has been a Designer’s fave for decades.

We are featuring some great new colorways and designs that will really lend themselves to gorgeous custom drapes. Our Staff favorites are the “Blossom” fabrics with a very classic “bird in tree” theme. We also love the “Scrolls” and “Belle Porte”. If you are looking for something a bit more simple you really can’t get any more simple than the “Simply” collection of solids in really great shades. We’ve also included a bold stripe that works great when we pleat your drapes and pattern match the fabrics.

Oh, and the best part is that they are all in 100% Cotton so they are quite reasonable and easy to care for.

Keep checking back for more new options soon!

Robert Allen Custom Drapery at DrapeStyle
Robert Allen Custom Drapery at DrapeStyle


Silk Prices Continue to Climb

Sorry – Been a long break in Blog Updates and this one will not be very long. I wanted to just let everyone know that silk prices continue to climb.

The price that we pay for silk fabrics are directly related to the price of raw silk that is sourced primarily in China. I don’t want to bore you with the entire “silk fabric story” but I’ll give you a little background.

Like many larger drapery manufacturers, DrapeStyle imports the majority of our silk fabrics directly from mills in India. Most of the fabric mills in the US that were producing silks have all but vanished.

The silks that we purchase are woven or “spun” from raw silk that is produced by silk worms in China. You may remember studying the “Silk Road” in high school. The raw silk is shipped to India where it is spun into silk fabrics. From there the fabric is shipped all over the world. This is pretty much the fabric industry in a nutshell.

So here is where we run into some problems. Like any commodity such as corn, wheat or pork for that matter, raw silk is a natural product that is actually produced from silk worms. When the “crop” is good, pricing is low. Unfortunately for all of us who rely on Silk Fabrics the “crop” has been very bad for the last couple of years. The worms aren’t producing and, as a result, our silk pricing has more than doubled in the last 12-14 months.

We certainly hope that the pricing won’t stay this high for long. In the interim we will be bringing in some great new designs in Polyester (not your grandma’s polyester) and Linen.

Thanks for checking in with DrapeStyle!


Finding The Right Window Treatments For Your Workplace

When you are at work, you want to create a comfortable environment while you and your employees are clocking in 40 hours (or more) weekly. Create a home away from home as you whistle while you work with the right window treatments.

Make your employees and clients or customers feel as if they are in the best business by glamming up your decor with shades. Window treatments are great for lawyer’s offices, doctor’s offices and more to create a comfy environment. Whether you select impressive roman-style shades or even woven wood shades, you will make people who enter your office feel more comfortable and they’ll even view your business as more professional. Remember, first impressions are everything from the way you present yourself and the surroundings around you.

You can also add an extra designer touch to shades by adding drapes. From linen drapes in solids and patterns to the classic look of velvet drapes, you add an amazing professional look to the interior of your office. Even better, you can install drapes that match your company’s colors.

An added bonus of installing window treatments is that they can even help you save on business overhead by reducing the amount of energy you need to keep the office warmer or cooler. With energy costs rising, save money for other aspects of your business! Remember that during the summer, you will need to draw together the treatments that receive the most light from the sun. In the winter you will need to close the treatments at night to retain heat in your business; during the day you will want to keep the treatments closed on windows that do not receive direct sunlight.

By purchasing window treatments with insulation, you can save 33 percent on your energy bill. Best of all, doing so is good for the environment by reducing the need for energy and its production byproducts. Also, the window treatments can block harmful UV rays.


Installing Cute Window Treatments For Your Baby’s Nursery

Kids Drapes by DrapeStyle!

With a baby on the way, planning the nursery is a big (and fun) priority for most parents. From the toys to the crib, parents need to make sure that all the elements of the nursery need to blend together to create an aesthetically pleasing room for the baby. Pull the nursery’s look together with your window treatments.

Whether you are having a boy or a girl, remember to create a continuous design by having your window treatments match your crib set. You don not have to use the same pattern for your treatments as the one on the comforter. However, the style should be the same. For example, if you are expecting a girl, you might be envisioning lots of ribbons in her room. Give the nursery a girl’s touch with sheer draperies in pink and white that will bring in beautiful soft light during the day. You can even install drapes in white and pink solids or even girlish stripes in those colors. To further give a girlish feel, install a valance over the window to make a room fit for your little princess.

Expecting a boy? Baby boy decor usually involves teddy bears, sports or trains. Decorate your little man’s room in drapes or sheers in either white or blue. Striped drapes also create a captivating look for any boy’s nursery.

Give your child a world of color by even mixing and matching drapes and sheers together. Consider color themes such as blue and brown or light green for boys. These color themes will go great for rooms that are following a theme of cowboy, nautical, Camelot, nursery rhymes, dragons or pirates. For your little girls, install window treatments in cotton candy pink and brown or even light purple. These colors will go along beautifully with the following themes: princess, fairy tales, fairies or ballerinas.

The big delivery is on its way. Prepare your nursery with beautiful sheer and drapery window treatments from DrapeStyle.


How To Properly Measure Your Window For Drapes or Shades

There is no better way to update any room in your home with window treatments. However, before you purchase them it might be the time to bust out the measuring tape to properly determine how long and wide your drapes or shades need to be.

When you begin, remember to measure from where you will be placing your rod first if it has not been placed already. Rods are usually mounted about 2 or 4 inches above the window frame (This could be different if you don’t have much space between the top of the frame and the ceiling of the room). Also, a rod is mounted 1 to 4 inches beyond a window frame’s width. If your window frame is anywhere from 48 to 86 inches wide, your rod is going to need a central bracket to support the rod. Remember that this is your window — use a judgment call on what looks best to you.

If you are planning on placing long, full-length draperies in a room then measure from the base of the rod to the floor. If you have clip rings on your rod, measure from those to the floor. Add an inch or two to the length if you want the drapes to gently touch the floor in the room. In terms of width, measure how wide the window frame is. You will want to add 6 inches to each side of the window frame measurement so your drapes will be long enough. Multiply the width of the window frame by two or even three to create gathered-looking drapes that will add a luxurious feel for your room.

Opting for hanging shades instead of drapes? Shades can add an airy feeling to any room! If you want inset shades, just measure inside the window frame. If you are hanging outset shades, make sure you use a Rule of Twos: 2 inches above the window frame as well as measuring 2 inches at the side of the window frame.

Are you all measured up and ready to order your drapes?


Selecting Drapes For Your Family Room

The family room is a great place to spend quality time with your friends, spouse and/or children. It is usually the favorite room in the house where the family can gather to watch television or a movie or just play a board game on a Friday night. So why not create an inviting room by starting off with the window treatments? They will help you create the right mood for the family room whether you want to create a feeling of fun or comfort.

When selecting your window treatments, try to go along with the color of your furniture. For example, if the upholstery on your sofa is a soft chocolate brown, accent it with brown silk drapes and maybe even white sheers to create a balanced flow throughout the room. Also make sure that the drapes compliment the color of the walls. Using the soft chocolate brown example again, draperies in those colors will go great with a gold cream colored wall, creating a beautiful contrast. By selecting long draperies, you help elongate your family room. Just remember that the longer the drapes, the more dignified and formal the look will be.

You can gain more light in the family room by installing sheers. Sheers allow sunlight to shine through them, so you don’t have to use lighting during the day. If you opt to place shades instead, think woven shades. These go well with furniture of any color. If you have a lot of wooden furniture in your family room such as a coffee table or end-tables, woven shades match them perfectly, creating a seamless look.

Thinking of a more romantic look? Then consider using fabric as a swag over the draperies. These can be placed dramatically along a decorative rod or pole in place of a valance.

Whether you are planning on creating a family room or updating a current one, you can find the perfect window treatments at DrapeStyle.


How To Select Window Treatments for Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the most personal room in our homes. It’s where we go to at night to reflect on our day and rest. Since a bedroom should be very comfortable and relaxing so you can sleep, give it your own touch when you select your window treatments.

Most important when picking out your window treatments is to make sure they match your bedding. For example, if you have floral bedding you may want to continue the airy feeling with silk green draperies in a green color with white sheers. If you have bedding in a solid color or even patterns, make sure to complement the colors when you pick out your drape colors. You can also add sheers along with the drapes. Give your window treatments a more dignified look by placing a valance or swag at the top. In terms of protecting your furnishings from being damaged by sunlight, choose a color and material that will not fade over time if you have a south-facing bedroom.

One thing to remember is that you can make your room appear bigger by using lighter colors. If your wall is painted in a light color such as pink, then you should select draperies in a light pink as well. Break up the monotony by adding white sheers or even woven wood shades. You can also elongate your room by selecting long, flowing drapes. Because sheers are very light, remember that they do not offer a lot of privacy.

If you are like some people and don’t like massive amounts of sunlight that may come through your window or drapes in the morning or afternoon, select drapes with a heavier fabric. This will keep most of the sun out, which comes in helpful if bright sun wakes you up too early. Another bonus of purchasing thicker drapes is that they can block out cold and sound from outside. This comes in handy if you have old windows in your bedroom so that you can be comfortable when you sleep.

When looking for drapes to add a personal touch to your bedroom, check out the selection at DrapeStyle. Visit their website at www.drapestyle.com.


How To Clean Your Drapes

Drapes are a wonderful investment to any home, so you should ensure that you take care of them so they will last for a long time. Not only to drapes give you privacy and an aesthetic addition to your room, they also keep your furniture’s fabric protected from damaging sunlight. Draperies are often overlooked by homeowners, mostly because they aren’t walked on or people don’t sit on them. But despite the fact that your window treatments look clean, they are more than likely dirty from years or months of hanging up in a room.

Despite the fact that draperies or even other window treatments are not exactly on your floor and look clean to the naked eye, they do retain lots of dirt such dust, oil, smoke, pollen and even bacteria. This is why you should start a routine of cleaning your drapes everyday. This does not mean you have to bust out the cleaning supplies — you can simply do this by just shaking the panels gently when you raise them up at night or in the afternoon. This keeps dirt as well as dust from staying in the fabric.

A great tool you can use to clean your drapes is your vacuum. A handheld vacuum is perfect for going up the panels to take off all the dust and dirt. Try to vacuum your drapes at least once a week. If this is too much for your schedule, then you should clean them once a month.

Some drapes can even be washed. If you have smaller drapes, then hand wash them. Longer drapes can be placed in your washing machine — use the short, gentle cycle only with cool water and don’t put too many items in your washer. Once out of the washing machine, put your drapes on a line out of sunlight. If you are comfortable with throwing them in the dryer, put them on an air setting and remove once dry.

If your drapes are old, faded or are not machine washable, then use a professional cleaner to take care of them.


Learn More About Roman Shades

Roman shades are renowned for their clean, elegant look and classic appeal they give to windows. When the shades are pulled up, the fabric is pleated so that it folds up beautifully into intervals that are pleasing to the eye. They’re also quite functional by keeping the sun out of your eyes once they are lowered. You can also purchase Roman shades in various colors or patterns that will match your sofa, bedding or other furnishings. A lot of homeowners tend to use the same style of Roman shades throughout their house to stay consistent.

Roman shades will give you the following benefits:

  • Privacy: The fabric that is used in Roman shades completely closes off the window. When your neighbors walk past your house at night, they won’t even be able to see light on inside your home.
  • Cut Out the Sun: If bright sunlight is bothering your eyes, you can lower the shades to dim the room. The sun will still shine through, still giving you the natural sun without the blinding factor.
  • Shades Will Not Fade: The shades are white on the back so the sun will not fade any color or pattern that you have on them.
  • Cord is Flexible: The cord for lowering or raising the shade can pull in or out; the cord also locks on either side of the shade. The equalizer in the shade’s hardware also keep the cords from getting entangled by keeping them aligned.

Now that you know the benefits of Roman shades, learn more about the different types of Roman shades that you can place in your home:

  • Flat Roman: When fully extended, the Flat Roman shade is, well, flat.
  • Soft Fold Roman or Hobbled: This shade keeps soft folds down the full length of the shade when fully extended.
  • Shirred Balloon: The shirred balloon has poufs of fabric at the top.
  • Inverted Pleat Balloon: These shades feature structured poufs where the heading is flat with reversed pleats.
  • Austrian Shade: This exquisite shade features vertical rows of fabric that are gathered in swags.

Order your Roman shades from DrapeStyle today. Check out www.drapestyle.com for an array of patterns and colors.


A Few Window Treatment Ideas for French Doors

Do you have French doors in your home? If you don’t know what window treatments will suit them best or that will add a certain visual appeal, consider the following ideas:

* Use a touch of the natural look with woven wood shades that will give a modern appeal to your French doors as well as a warm dimension to the room they are installed in. These shades can be drawn up to bring in extra light during the day and lowered at night to give you privacy in your home. You may even give a dramatic look to the woven wood shades by installing a decorative rod over the door frame and installing silk draperies in a rich green color (think of the green you see on bamboo leaves).

* Speaking of shades, consider placing Roman shades on your French doors. This classic look is drawn up, giving an impressive visual even when they are lowered. They are usually available in either solids or patterns. If you only have one French door instead of double French doors, you can even place the Roman shades up near the ceiling to keep it away from the door and to give it a more unique look.
If you don’t want to use shades and want to have the look of a huge window, then just place a rod over the French doors and hang long draperies. Remember that long draperies elongate any room. You can even place the rod near the ceiling for an extravagant look.

* Add a light feel to a room by placing white sheers or even drapes behind a white cornice that is installed along the molding. This will create a soothing look that is perfect for a dining room or even your bedroom.

* If your home doesn’t need a lot of privacy (lucky you!), then less might be more. You may opt to just place a valance over the glass on your door to maximize the style and minimize the fabric.

Find the right drapes, sheers, shades and more for your home at DrapeStyle. Visit the DrapeStyle website at www.drapestyle.com.


Bring Victorian Style To Your Home Window Treatments

The Victorian Era style is one that never loses its luster. Its influence on fashion, architecture and even home decor is seen well after Queen Victoria ruled England during the 19th century. So if you are trying to find a way to bring an exquisite splendor to your home, then Victorian draperies are for you.

Victorian style is very detailed and over the top, busy with lots of lace and completely exuberant. People usually think of lots of frills and lace whenever they are asked to define the style. One who wants to create a more romantic or even dramatic look in their home would be hard-pressed to find a look that never goes out of style. This look is perfect when your home is accented in lots of pictures hanging on the wall and antique Victorian style furniture or even furniture that imitates the style. Don’t forget to place roses everywhere — dried ones are OK as well. All you have to remember is that lace is everything when you are going for a Victorian theme. Use it as sheers by placing lace behind your drapes. You can even place them as trimming at the bottom of your drapes.

Another key element to Victorian style is putting drapes everywhere, not only on doors. Put them on your doors, mantelpieces or even tables. The perfect drapes for this look would be silk in earth colors such as brown. Placing tassels or even decorative cords on them should complete the look.

To take your window treatments a step further, place a valance over the drapes. Victorian-style valances use a fabric styling known as the festoon, which is fabric that is either dramatically draped or swooped so it creates a teardrop effect. You can either have one or two festoons, which will give another element to your Victorian look. Add some more flair to your valance by using tassels or beading.

Whether you want Victorian style drapes or even a more modern look, check out DrapeStyle’s website at www.drapestyle.com for a style that suits your home.


Hang Your Outdoor Drapes Creatively

We have a few months until spring is upon us, so it is about time to consider a part of our homes that are usually vacant during the winter months: The outdoors. Once it is warm again, you should take in the sunshine in your backyard as much as possible. That said, make your outdoors a more soothing place to be by utilizing more creativity in hanging your outdoor drapes.

As previously mentioned in this very blog, outdoor drapery makes your backyard or patio the ideal hangout for play, reading, barbecues and more. The possibilities are endless. If you already have them installed, then consider the following ideas to create a unique feel:

* Use bamboo rods instead of a conventional rod to hang your drapes. Using bamboo rods will give your outdoor area a special feng shui style. Before hanging, make sure the bamboo rod is a little bit longer than the width of the drapes and that there are no splinters to snag the drapes. You can get rid of the splinters by using sandpaper. Just slide the drapes through and voila! You have a beautiful curtain rod that accents any outdoor area.

* Use fishing line to create an invisible drapery hanging. To use fishing line to hang them, you will need an outdoor roof to do this because you will have to attach screw-in hooks about a foot apart. Select draperies with grommets so that the hanging will be easier. As you string the line through the hooks and the grommets when hanging, make sure there is at least 6 inches of string between them so the draperies can flow more easily.

* Have an outdoor garage that you don’t use? Consider making it a place to hang out by clearing out the old boxes, putting some furniture inside and hanging sheers over the windows to make a comfortable nook for reading or whatever you desire.

If you are currently thinking about outdoor drapes for your backyard, porch or patio, then visit DrapeStyle’s website at www.drapestyle.com today so you can get back out in the sun again.


Protect Your Little Ones With New Child-Safe Window Hardware

If you have a small child in your life, the most important thing to consider is their safety from all the potential dangers of items around your home. You’ve child-proofed all the cabinets, placed covers on every single electrical outlet, and even learned first aid and CPR in case of emergency. With those checked off your list, now may be time to examine your window coverings.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and The Window Covering Safety Council recently has issued a massive recall of more than 50 million Roman-style shades and roll-up blinds to help prevent the potential hazard of strangulation to young children. This recall is one of the largest in U.S. history. These types of window coverings have a “loop system” cord, which result in strangulation deaths. Reports state that more than 200 infants and children have died from accidentally strangling in the cords from window treatments since 1990. Parents are urged to ensure that the window treatments in their homes have no cords their children can access and to also use cordless window products to prevent deaths or serious injuries to their little loved ones.

Due to the growing attention to safety of these window coverings, DrapeStyle immediately responded to the issue by developing a single-cord system, the Easy Pull Traverse Drapery Rod System with the Child Safe® System from Paris Texas Hardware. Instead of the old “loop system” cord, the Easy Pull features a much safer single cord which helps prevent small children from being entangled. Most importantly, the cord length can be adjusted so it is not within the reach of your young children. The hardware is compatible with all 2-1.4” finials as well as all DrapeStyle custom drapes and window treatments. For those who are nervous about the words “home improvement,” don’t fret: the product is super easy and fast to install.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to replace your blinds. While window coverings are easily replaceable, your children are not. Keep your kids protected with DrapeStyles’s new Easy Pull drapery hardware today. The hardware is priced from $460. The item and more information can be found at http://www.drapestyle.com/child-safe-window-hardware.html.


Mix It Up With Layered Looks For Draperies and Shades

Layers are an important part of anyone’s style. In fact, anything goes with layers. Placing a jacket over a cardigan can keep you warm in your chilly office, or one can even get a layered hair-do to give their coif more movement and volume. It should come as no surprise that even window treatments can be layered as well.

Layered treatments offer versatility; in fact, they can serve two purposes. For starters, it can keep your home warmer or cooler, depending on the season (Think of the energy cost savings). Second, it can create a stylish, interesting look for the interior of your home.

Make a statement with by combining and mixing up your window treatments. Follow these layering tips to keep your home beautiful and practical:

• Shades: Placing shades behind your existing curtains provides not only a classic look, it keeps control of the environment. Shades are made from a continuous piece of fabric, so air can’t escape. Therefore, it keeps your home cool in the summer and warmer in the winter – it’s best to keep shades mounted inside the window moldings to achieve this goal. The more opaque the shade is, the better its ability to resist heat flow. When picking your shades, make sure they go well with your existing drapes and furniture.

• Draperies: Drapes add a dramatic look and a feel of warmth and color to any room. If you already have shades, consider drapes. Installing floor-length drapes over your existing shades also increases the insulation of your home to trap air between the shade and the glass.

• Top Treatments: Add a final touch to your window treatment layering with an upholstered cornice or valance. This adds extravagance to any home, as well as trapping air between the floor and top of any window treatment.

By adding these final touches to your window treatments, you will add both depth and dimension to your home. Check out the different styles and patterns at www.drapestyle.com to find a look that best suites your personality and home.


Keep Your Children Safe Around Window Treatments

Each year, more than 50,000 youths are hurt or killed in a household accident. Many of these incidents involve window treatments. Young children can accidentally become caught in cords hanging from the treatments that are used to lower and raise them, thus resulting in strangulation.

Luckily these deaths and injuries are preventable. Be sure to keep your children out of harm’s way with the following tips:

• Keep furniture away from window treatments. All kids love to climb on top of sofas, couches and chairs to play. If they get too close to cords by standing high on top of furniture, this could cause a needless injury. Move your furniture toward the center of the room to keep your children safe when they are in the room unattended.

• Due to learning of the strangulation deaths, window blinds with looped cords were no longer sold after the mid-90s. Window blinds now feature a pair of separate threads. A tension mechanism for the inner support threads also have been added to keep the threading tight so that it cannot be pulled large enough to cause a significant risk to a child. Since 2000, window shades were developed with a special attachment at the top of the covering to shorten the length of the strings. If you have an older set of blinds with looped cords from before 2001, replace them with newer blinds and make sure to tighten up the inner cords and keep them out of reach of young children. One can also correct issues with old blinds by purchasing a safety repair kit.

• Take a closer look at your long draperies, curtains and vertical blinds. These treatments can easily be pulled down and can injure a child. Additionally, small end caps could be a potential choking hazard. If you have long window treatments in your home, ensure that the hanging bars and hardware systems are securely installed into the wooden studs surrounding the window. With long drapes, you can tie them up to create a fancy swag effect so they will be out of reach from your child.

Don’t let your child be injured from your window treatments. For further protection, check out DrapeStyle’s Easy Pull Traverse Drapery Rod System with the Child Safe® System and keep danger at bay.


Silk – The Original Eco-friendly Renewable Fabric

It’s the smooth, delicate feel of silk fabric that first draws many people in. The rich, shimmering colors from this fabric adds an instant “oomph” to any item it is on. Was it mentioned that it is pretty eco-friendly?

From being into fabric to dress empresses in ancient China to being used in activewear, silk fabric’s luster has captivated humankind for thousands of years. It is no surprise that the fabric is a popular choice for window treatments. For anyone who is going green with drapes in her home, silk is a safe choice that will add a soft, sheer touch and won’t hurt the environment. Consider these following items:

• Silk is a renewable fabric, meaning that it is not created like textiles such as nylon and acrylic. It is created by protein fiber spun by silk moth larvae to make its cocoon. Because it is a natural protein fiber, it is great for those who have allergic skin.

• Silk is very environmentally friendly as it is also biodegradable. Whenever you are done with a silk product, it can be used as mulch or even compost. Petroleum-based fabrics will end up sticking around for years in a landfill if you toss it in the garbage. Think about this: 38 million tons of synthetic fibers are produced every year. When you buy silk products, that is something that will be useful even after it is thrown away.

• However, keep in mind that silk fabrics are not completely bulletproof. While silk is often quoted as being as strong a strong fabric, it is used in fine gauge fibers and as well as thin fabrics. These fabrics can be degraded by sun exposure, throwing it in the laundry and even hot temperatures. Seriously, remember to never throw silk items in the dryer at home.

If you are in the market for new window treatments that are eco-concious, you can green your décor with luxurious silk drapes. DrapeStyle has many styles of beautiful drapes that will best suit your home and will not hurt our Earth. View the selection at www.drapestyle.com.


Add Value To Your Home With Affordable Drapes

Are you currently in the market to sell your home? Do you want to add more value to the amazing home you already own? Whether you are waiting for a buyer or have just bought a home and would like to enhance your space, draperies are an affordable way to add value to your house.

Think of it as simple home improvement: By adding drapes to your home and not breaking the bank, the house will have a higher resale value than a home with no drapes at all. Besides, if you had the choice, wouldn’t you want to buy a home that already has inviting, beautiful drapery installed already?

Yes, a simple, easy task such as installing (or replacing) your draperies can make your home look more elegant on the inside and out. And when your home is more visually appealing, its value will receive a boost. When you think of the most beautiful home you have ever seen, you probably don not think of vertical plastic blinds or paper shades.

Recent research has found that homes with quality window-coverings sell better; these homes get top dollar when it is time to sell on the real estate market. House hunters are more often looking for homes that already have window-treatments installed to control their environment easier. Homes with drapes easily keep heat out in the summer and cold away in the winter. In fact, drapes have the ability to stay cooler in the summer than other window treatments because their pleats and folds lose the hot season heat through convection. Also, most draperies can reduce the heat loss from a warm room at up to 10 percent when they are drawn during cold winters.

Give your home some curb appeal by placing attractive drapes in your home today. What drapes add is so much more than what you will pay – think of drapes as tailored for your checkbook. Check out what DrapeStyle has to offer at www.DrapeStyle.com today to view the great selections that will make your house the envy of the block.


Give A Custom Touch To Drapes By Adding Designer Trims

Do you love your drapes but feel they are missing something? If you can’t part with the lovely draperies that are hanging in your home, maybe a great way to give them a simple upgrade is to add designer trim.

By adding designer trim, you can enhance the appearance of your draperies. It increases the luxury of the material as well as other colors to make additional patterns and room elements easier to coordinate in your room. If your drapes are a little shorter than you would prefer, adding trim creates some extra length (and drama) to your panels. You’ll impress your guests when they learn that the trims were an addition from you.

Trims are available in many different styles. You have probably seen fringe, gimp, tassels and cording in different homes you have visited or in home decorating magazines. You can even dress up your drapes by adding romantic lace to the bottom of them. There are also fabric tapes that are available in a world of patterns from stripes to Greek key patterns. If you can’t find a pattern that you like, you can even make your own by adding a fabric that complements your drapes to the bottom of the panels. This is great for when your children want drapes that feature dinosaurs or castles. If you can’t agree on a pattern with them, at least you can compromise by simply adding a pattern that they like to the bottom of the panels.

It’s fairly easy to add on the designer trim. If you plan to sew on the designer trim yourself, remember that the trim will need to be sewn on the inner side of each panel along the bottom. You will also need 12 yards of trim per drapes that are 100 inches long. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, there should be plenty of seamstresses in your area who can sew on the new trim of the drapes for you.

Designer trims give a professional flair to any set of drapes. Make your draperies a showcase of your personality.


Liven Up Your Child’s Room With Drapes

Drapes aren’t just for adults anymore. An array of drapes exists to create a fun, cool room that suits your kids’ unique personalities.

Remember that your children’s bedroom is so much more than a place where they lay their heads at night. It’s where they have their sleepovers, imaginative bursts, do their homework, read their funny books, play with their toys and just hang with their friends. When they look back on their youth as adults, a lot of their childhood memories are going to be set in their bedroom.

With drapes, you can brighten up any room in a rainbow of colors and various exciting patterns and create exciting themes by adding toys or decorations.

For your little girls, make their room feel like a beautiful dream with luxurious and cute pinks, baby blues, and even taffy drapes. With baby blue, your daughter can have her own mermaid adventures in the ocean with the help of fish toys and shell-shaped lamps. Pink and taffy drapes are classic styles for girls’ rooms. Create a dreamy princess’ room – be sure to accent these colors with a tiara and maybe even posters featuring castles or unicorns to create a fantasy theme.

For your boys, try bolder, playful colors such as blue and yellow. Blue can create a theme such as space travel or the sea – decorate their rooms with astronaut toys or pirates to appropriately go with this idea. Yellow could create a setting where the dinosaurs may roam, so tyrannosaurus Rex and stegosaurus should find their home in the era known as childhood.

Drapes also can play up the lighting in your child’s room. Use sheer drapery to filter in light of the drape’s color. You can create soft green, blue or pink lighting in any room and the bright sun will do the rest of the work, bringing in hues of whatever color you and your child utilize.

While planning your child’s bedroom, please keep in mind to avoid long cords that may hurt them. Depending on the age of your young one, DrapeStyle’s Easy Pull Traverse Drapery Rod System with the Child Safe® System is perfect for keeping your kids safe from cords that may hurt them.


Make Your Room Appear Bigger With Drapery

You absolutely adore your home. It is the place you have always dreamed of, where you can come home at the end of the day, eat in the dining room, relax in the living room and sleep comfortably in your bedroom. However, there is always that one room in your home you wish looked a little bigger, one that might make you feel a little claustrophobic when you enter it.

If you have this issue, then that’s not a problem. An easy solution is drapes! Drapes can fool the eye by setting off an illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is.

The first thing to remember is that any space will look bigger if it is well-lit by natural light. It is time to get rid of your heavy, thick drapes and welcome the bright sun into your home with sheer draperies. Classic sheer drapes that are a beautiful addition to any room. Whereas dark drapes have a tendency to close up a room, sheers open rooms up more. The light colors available will make your smaller room feel more airy and open. Open up your drapes during the day and see the difference a simple change can make by creating more light and the appearance of more space.

Another option is long drapes for length as well as wide draperies for width. While drapes are not a magic wand that will make your room bigger (sorry), it can at least appear to be a larger space. Elongate any room in your home with long floor-length drapes. Floor-length drapes also give a more dramatic feel in the home. Keep in mind that these drapes look best when they reach the ground – you don’t want extra material dragging on the floor. Additionally, wider draperies will make your room appear roomier.

Don’t feel as if you are cramped in a small space. Give a room in your home a makeover today with new drapery! DrapeStyle has beautiful drapes that are custom-made for your room to help give the illusion of a bigger space.