Updated Site Design

So we launched a fresh new site design last week, really hope you like it.  Our goal is to provide you with more great information on our custom made drapery and curtain products and show you more images of our products.  We will never be “done” but I think we are always moving in the right direction.

We also finished the beta on our new iPad Application design.  We updated it with more great drapery pictures and most importantly we have now integrated the ability for you to order fabric samples directly form the App.  Most Retailers like DrapeStyle who have relied on a printed catalog for decades are looking to, or have already completely abandoned their print catalog.  I don;t think that we will ever completely eliminate our catalog but having complimentary tools like our iPad App will only expand our presence in our Customers Homes.  We really hope you enjoy the App and, if you still want the printed Catalog, it will always be available for you.

Thanks for your support and for our entire IT Team for their efforts.