The Timeless Classic Linen Drapery

At DrapeStyle, we’ve been making classic linen drapery for well over a decade.  Most people know us for our custom silk drapery but we actually make more custom linen drapes every year than we do silk.  The stats really speak for themselves.  There really is not a more classic and versatile fabric than linen.  Especially when you can select your own custom features like pleat style and lining options.  Take a gorgeous linen drape and line it with quality linings including blackout lining and you have a custom drape that is gorgeous and energy efficient.  We make custom linen drapes for Clients all over the US and Canada and supprisingly, most of our linens go to urban areas like Toronto, LA and New York City.

If you are considering materials for your custom drapes than linen really needs to be on your short list.  Call a DrapeStyle Designer and let us help you build the perfect custom drape for your home for a lot less than you would expect to pay.

Custom Linen Drapery
Estate Linen Drapes by DrapeStyle