Silk – The Original Eco-friendly Renewable Fabric

It’s the smooth, delicate feel of silk fabric that first draws many people in. The rich, shimmering colors from this fabric adds an instant “oomph” to any item it is on. Was it mentioned that it is pretty eco-friendly?

From being into fabric to dress empresses in ancient China to being used in activewear, silk fabric’s luster has captivated humankind for thousands of years. It is no surprise that the fabric is a popular choice for window treatments. For anyone who is going green with drapes in her home, silk is a safe choice that will add a soft, sheer touch and won’t hurt the environment. Consider these following items:

• Silk is a renewable fabric, meaning that it is not created like textiles such as nylon and acrylic. It is created by protein fiber spun by silk moth larvae to make its cocoon. Because it is a natural protein fiber, it is great for those who have allergic skin.

• Silk is very environmentally friendly as it is also biodegradable. Whenever you are done with a silk product, it can be used as mulch or even compost. Petroleum-based fabrics will end up sticking around for years in a landfill if you toss it in the garbage. Think about this: 38 million tons of synthetic fibers are produced every year. When you buy silk products, that is something that will be useful even after it is thrown away.

• However, keep in mind that silk fabrics are not completely bulletproof. While silk is often quoted as being as strong a strong fabric, it is used in fine gauge fibers and as well as thin fabrics. These fabrics can be degraded by sun exposure, throwing it in the laundry and even hot temperatures. Seriously, remember to never throw silk items in the dryer at home.

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