Selecting Drapes For Your Family Room

The family room is a great place to spend quality time with your friends, spouse and/or children. It is usually the favorite room in the house where the family can gather to watch television or a movie or just play a board game on a Friday night. So why not create an inviting room by starting off with the window treatments? They will help you create the right mood for the family room whether you want to create a feeling of fun or comfort.

When selecting your window treatments, try to go along with the color of your furniture. For example, if the upholstery on your sofa is a soft chocolate brown, accent it with brown silk drapes and maybe even white sheers to create a balanced flow throughout the room. Also make sure that the drapes compliment the color of the walls. Using the soft chocolate brown example again, draperies in those colors will go great with a gold cream colored wall, creating a beautiful contrast. By selecting long draperies, you help elongate your family room. Just remember that the longer the drapes, the more dignified and formal the look will be.

You can gain more light in the family room by installing sheers. Sheers allow sunlight to shine through them, so you don’t have to use lighting during the day. If you opt to place shades instead, think woven shades. These go well with furniture of any color. If you have a lot of wooden furniture in your family room such as a coffee table or end-tables, woven shades match them perfectly, creating a seamless look.

Thinking of a more romantic look? Then consider using fabric as a swag over the draperies. These can be placed dramatically along a decorative rod or pole in place of a valance.

Whether you are planning on creating a family room or updating a current one, you can find the perfect window treatments at DrapeStyle.