Preparing for Next Catalog Shoot

Well it’s that time of year again.  We’re starting to prepare for a new photo shoot for images that will be used in our next catalog.  Every year we try to complete about three photo shoots, some years a little less, some years a little more.  For our next shoot I thought it would be fun to take you through the creative process with us.  I’ll try to leave out most of the boring and tedious logistical details and focus on how we approach each shoot creatively.  How we determine which windows to shoot, how we dress them, etc.  Tag along, I hope you will enjoy the process.

For our next shoot we spent a few weeks looking for a suitable location.  Finding the “right” location is probably the most difficult part, and arguably the most important part of any photo-shoot.  We try to never shoot int he same house more than once and each home we find will always have some specific challenges.  Are the windows too wide, too dark, too tall.  What is the style of the house and does it mix with the types of window treatments we are trying to shoot?  There is also the delicate matter of working with the Homes Owners.  We are always very professional and extremely respectful of the contents and decor of any home we shoot in but there are always challenges that arise with scheduling, timing, even whether the Owners pets will be inconvenienced by our crew.

For this shoot we are lucky.  We found a home that is not very far from our offices in Orange County.  And, the best part is that it’s a bank-owned property that is totally vacant.  Love this.  We have a couple blocks of time that we have booked and we will be in the house exclusively for eight hours at a time.  The down-side (there are always down-sides) is that the house is not 100% perfect.  It is brand new construction with large, tall windows and doors with great hardware and really high dramatic ceilings.  I think the home is probably 5,500 square feet.  Unfortunately, the back yard was never completed by the Developer before he apparently lost the home to the Bank.  So we don’t have a killer background to shoot where we would be able to hang some great outdoor drapes or shades.

The basic style of the home is more “Tuscan” with dark woods, very high ceilings, lots of iron and exposed beams.  So the idea of shooting contemporary window treatments is not going to work.  And, unlike the more bleached wood look that is pretty hot at the moment (thanks to Restoration Hardware) the woods in this home are more in the cherry wood and teak.  We can work with this.

Once we’ve selected the appropriate windows and doors that will be shooting we will next have to send out one of our Installers to measure.  The windows are a bit odd-sized and no doubt 100% custom.  Our Installers will visit the home in the next couple of days and get all of the measurements that we will need to start specifying the hardware.  The hardware has the longest lead-time of anything we sell so we will want to get that order in as soon as possible.  We’ll be looking at iron hardware for sure as it will compliment the homes interior the best.  The taller ceilings and windows will require some extra production time for the curtains as well.

Stay tuned for the next installment as we determine fabrics that we’ll be start to create or drapery and shades from.

DrapeStyle Photo Shoot Location