Sales Tax?

One of the things we all love about online shopping is that most purchases are excluded from State Sales Tax.  This is a controversial issue in most states and changes may be afoot in the near future but for now the law is pretty clear.  If an online retailer does not have a “physical presence” in a state than they are excluded from collecting sales tax in that state.  For DrapeStyle and our Customers we try to be very clear on every page of our Store.  We only charge Sales Tax on transactions that are purchased and being shipping to an address in the State of California.  There is quite a bit of “chatter” that we may only have a year or two left before we start charging sales tax in / for every State we ship to, but for now, it is just California.

When you are considering a large purchase (like our Drapes) the sales tax issue can be a pretty big deal, often amounting to hundreds of dollars.  So, to be clear (if not redundant) if you are outside of California we do not collect sales tax on your drapery purchase.  Important point as we are not Tax Advisers – but we think that you are supposed to claim the purchase to your local tax district and pay them sales tax.