Mix It Up With Layered Looks For Draperies and Shades

Layers are an important part of anyone’s style. In fact, anything goes with layers. Placing a jacket over a cardigan can keep you warm in your chilly office, or one can even get a layered hair-do to give their coif more movement and volume. It should come as no surprise that even window treatments can be layered as well.

Layered treatments offer versatility; in fact, they can serve two purposes. For starters, it can keep your home warmer or cooler, depending on the season (Think of the energy cost savings). Second, it can create a stylish, interesting look for the interior of your home.

Make a statement with by combining and mixing up your window treatments. Follow these layering tips to keep your home beautiful and practical:

• Shades: Placing shades behind your existing curtains provides not only a classic look, it keeps control of the environment. Shades are made from a continuous piece of fabric, so air can’t escape. Therefore, it keeps your home cool in the summer and warmer in the winter – it’s best to keep shades mounted inside the window moldings to achieve this goal. The more opaque the shade is, the better its ability to resist heat flow. When picking your shades, make sure they go well with your existing drapes and furniture.

• Draperies: Drapes add a dramatic look and a feel of warmth and color to any room. If you already have shades, consider drapes. Installing floor-length drapes over your existing shades also increases the insulation of your home to trap air between the shade and the glass.

• Top Treatments: Add a final touch to your window treatment layering with an upholstered cornice or valance. This adds extravagance to any home, as well as trapping air between the floor and top of any window treatment.

By adding these final touches to your window treatments, you will add both depth and dimension to your home. Check out the different styles and patterns at www.drapestyle.com to find a look that best suites your personality and home.