Make Your Window Draperies A Work of Art

Are your boring old window drapes making you yawn every time you walk past them in your home? If so, maybe it’s time explore the palette of options available to make your draperies in your home an artistic expression.

Dressing up your home to create a luxurious space is all about the texture and fabrics of drapes that you use.

Placing velvet draperies into a room is a perfect place to start. These traditional favorites have a rich look and they keep your room dark when they are drawn, which creates a classy look if you accent the drapes with soft lit lamps and majestic chairs and sofas. Not only is it easy on the eyes, velvet drapes can be energy efficient. By purchasing velvet drapes with thermal flannel interlining, one can cut down energy costs by 33%.

Another option to beautify your windows is to use sumptuous silk drapery that will add a look of luxury and sophistication to your home. Silk drapes add a softer quality than velvet drapes. Silk drapes can feature designer trim, bands, and embroidery; you should select a color that best matches your furniture and color in your room. If you choose, you can also purchase silk drapes with thermal flannel to make your home more energy efficient.

Craving more light in your home? Sheer draperies never go out of style and allow more sunshine in. White and ivory sheer colored drapes will make any room appear more open and airy, as well as elegant.

After installing your drapes, it is time to accessorize. Give your room an elegant look with gorgeous tassels instead of metal or wood hold-backs. You can also accent the tassels by placing classy finials as a decorative ornament at the ends of your curtain rods. Finials are available in classic iron styles that feature fleur-de-lis to decorative wood finial in a pineapple or artichoke motif.

If these ideas sound like an excellent way to upgrade rooms in your place, DrapeStyles offers all of these products. Make your home into your own piece of art today.