Make Your Room Appear Bigger With Drapery

You absolutely adore your home. It is the place you have always dreamed of, where you can come home at the end of the day, eat in the dining room, relax in the living room and sleep comfortably in your bedroom. However, there is always that one room in your home you wish looked a little bigger, one that might make you feel a little claustrophobic when you enter it.

If you have this issue, then that’s not a problem. An easy solution is drapes! Drapes can fool the eye by setting off an illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is.

The first thing to remember is that any space will look bigger if it is well-lit by natural light. It is time to get rid of your heavy, thick drapes and welcome the bright sun into your home with sheer draperies. Classic sheer drapes that are a beautiful addition to any room. Whereas dark drapes have a tendency to close up a room, sheers open rooms up more. The light colors available will make your smaller room feel more airy and open. Open up your drapes during the day and see the difference a simple change can make by creating more light and the appearance of more space.

Another option is long drapes for length as well as wide draperies for width. While drapes are not a magic wand that will make your room bigger (sorry), it can at least appear to be a larger space. Elongate any room in your home with long floor-length drapes. Floor-length drapes also give a more dramatic feel in the home. Keep in mind that these drapes look best when they reach the ground – you don’t want extra material dragging on the floor. Additionally, wider draperies will make your room appear roomier.

Don’t feel as if you are cramped in a small space. Give a room in your home a makeover today with new drapery! DrapeStyle has beautiful drapes that are custom-made for your room to help give the illusion of a bigger space.