Liven Up Your Child’s Room With Drapes

Drapes aren’t just for adults anymore. An array of drapes exists to create a fun, cool room that suits your kids’ unique personalities.

Remember that your children’s bedroom is so much more than a place where they lay their heads at night. It’s where they have their sleepovers, imaginative bursts, do their homework, read their funny books, play with their toys and just hang with their friends. When they look back on their youth as adults, a lot of their childhood memories are going to be set in their bedroom.

With drapes, you can brighten up any room in a rainbow of colors and various exciting patterns and create exciting themes by adding toys or decorations.

For your little girls, make their room feel like a beautiful dream with luxurious and cute pinks, baby blues, and even taffy drapes. With baby blue, your daughter can have her own mermaid adventures in the ocean with the help of fish toys and shell-shaped lamps. Pink and taffy drapes are classic styles for girls’ rooms. Create a dreamy princess’ room – be sure to accent these colors with a tiara and maybe even posters featuring castles or unicorns to create a fantasy theme.

For your boys, try bolder, playful colors such as blue and yellow. Blue can create a theme such as space travel or the sea – decorate their rooms with astronaut toys or pirates to appropriately go with this idea. Yellow could create a setting where the dinosaurs may roam, so tyrannosaurus Rex and stegosaurus should find their home in the era known as childhood.

Drapes also can play up the lighting in your child’s room. Use sheer drapery to filter in light of the drape’s color. You can create soft green, blue or pink lighting in any room and the bright sun will do the rest of the work, bringing in hues of whatever color you and your child utilize.

While planning your child’s bedroom, please keep in mind to avoid long cords that may hurt them. Depending on the age of your young one, DrapeStyle’s Easy Pull Traverse Drapery Rod System with the Child Safe® System is perfect for keeping your kids safe from cords that may hurt them.