Learn More About Roman Shades

Roman shades are renowned for their clean, elegant look and classic appeal they give to windows. When the shades are pulled up, the fabric is pleated so that it folds up beautifully into intervals that are pleasing to the eye. They’re also quite functional by keeping the sun out of your eyes once they are lowered. You can also purchase Roman shades in various colors or patterns that will match your sofa, bedding or other furnishings. A lot of homeowners tend to use the same style of Roman shades throughout their house to stay consistent.

Roman shades will give you the following benefits:

  • Privacy: The fabric that is used in Roman shades completely closes off the window. When your neighbors walk past your house at night, they won’t even be able to see light on inside your home.
  • Cut Out the Sun: If bright sunlight is bothering your eyes, you can lower the shades to dim the room. The sun will still shine through, still giving you the natural sun without the blinding factor.
  • Shades Will Not Fade: The shades are white on the back so the sun will not fade any color or pattern that you have on them.
  • Cord is Flexible: The cord for lowering or raising the shade can pull in or out; the cord also locks on either side of the shade. The equalizer in the shade’s hardware also keep the cords from getting entangled by keeping them aligned.

Now that you know the benefits of Roman shades, learn more about the different types of Roman shades that you can place in your home:

  • Flat Roman: When fully extended, the Flat Roman shade is, well, flat.
  • Soft Fold Roman or Hobbled: This shade keeps soft folds down the full length of the shade when fully extended.
  • Shirred Balloon: The shirred balloon has poufs of fabric at the top.
  • Inverted Pleat Balloon: These shades feature structured poufs where the heading is flat with reversed pleats.
  • Austrian Shade: This exquisite shade features vertical rows of fabric that are gathered in swags.

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