Keep Your Children Safe Around Window Treatments

Each year, more than 50,000 youths are hurt or killed in a household accident. Many of these incidents involve window treatments. Young children can accidentally become caught in cords hanging from the treatments that are used to lower and raise them, thus resulting in strangulation.

Luckily these deaths and injuries are preventable. Be sure to keep your children out of harm’s way with the following tips:

• Keep furniture away from window treatments. All kids love to climb on top of sofas, couches and chairs to play. If they get too close to cords by standing high on top of furniture, this could cause a needless injury. Move your furniture toward the center of the room to keep your children safe when they are in the room unattended.

• Due to learning of the strangulation deaths, window blinds with looped cords were no longer sold after the mid-90s. Window blinds now feature a pair of separate threads. A tension mechanism for the inner support threads also have been added to keep the threading tight so that it cannot be pulled large enough to cause a significant risk to a child. Since 2000, window shades were developed with a special attachment at the top of the covering to shorten the length of the strings. If you have an older set of blinds with looped cords from before 2001, replace them with newer blinds and make sure to tighten up the inner cords and keep them out of reach of young children. One can also correct issues with old blinds by purchasing a safety repair kit.

• Take a closer look at your long draperies, curtains and vertical blinds. These treatments can easily be pulled down and can injure a child. Additionally, small end caps could be a potential choking hazard. If you have long window treatments in your home, ensure that the hanging bars and hardware systems are securely installed into the wooden studs surrounding the window. With long drapes, you can tie them up to create a fancy swag effect so they will be out of reach from your child.

Don’t let your child be injured from your window treatments. For further protection, check out DrapeStyle’s Easy Pull Traverse Drapery Rod System with the Child Safe® System and keep danger at bay.