How To Select Window Treatments for Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the most personal room in our homes. It’s where we go to at night to reflect on our day and rest. Since a bedroom should be very comfortable and relaxing so you can sleep, give it your own touch when you select your window treatments.

Most important when picking out your window treatments is to make sure they match your bedding. For example, if you have floral bedding you may want to continue the airy feeling with silk green draperies in a green color with white sheers. If you have bedding in a solid color or even patterns, make sure to complement the colors when you pick out your drape colors. You can also add sheers along with the drapes. Give your window treatments a more dignified look by placing a valance or swag at the top. In terms of protecting your furnishings from being damaged by sunlight, choose a color and material that will not fade over time if you have a south-facing bedroom.

One thing to remember is that you can make your room appear bigger by using lighter colors. If your wall is painted in a light color such as pink, then you should select draperies in a light pink as well. Break up the monotony by adding white sheers or even woven wood shades. You can also elongate your room by selecting long, flowing drapes. Because sheers are very light, remember that they do not offer a lot of privacy.

If you are like some people and don’t like massive amounts of sunlight that may come through your window or drapes in the morning or afternoon, select drapes with a heavier fabric. This will keep most of the sun out, which comes in helpful if bright sun wakes you up too early. Another bonus of purchasing thicker drapes is that they can block out cold and sound from outside. This comes in handy if you have old windows in your bedroom so that you can be comfortable when you sleep.

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