How To Properly Measure Your Window For Drapes or Shades

There is no better way to update any room in your home with window treatments. However, before you purchase them it might be the time to bust out the measuring tape to properly determine how long and wide your drapes or shades need to be.

When you begin, remember to measure from where you will be placing your rod first if it has not been placed already. Rods are usually mounted about 2 or 4 inches above the window frame (This could be different if you don’t have much space between the top of the frame and the ceiling of the room). Also, a rod is mounted 1 to 4 inches beyond a window frame’s width. If your window frame is anywhere from 48 to 86 inches wide, your rod is going to need a central bracket to support the rod. Remember that this is your window — use a judgment call on what looks best to you.

If you are planning on placing long, full-length draperies in a room then measure from the base of the rod to the floor. If you have clip rings on your rod, measure from those to the floor. Add an inch or two to the length if you want the drapes to gently touch the floor in the room. In terms of width, measure how wide the window frame is. You will want to add 6 inches to each side of the window frame measurement so your drapes will be long enough. Multiply the width of the window frame by two or even three to create gathered-looking drapes that will add a luxurious feel for your room.

Opting for hanging shades instead of drapes? Shades can add an airy feeling to any room! If you want inset shades, just measure inside the window frame. If you are hanging outset shades, make sure you use a Rule of Twos: 2 inches above the window frame as well as measuring 2 inches at the side of the window frame.

Are you all measured up and ready to order your drapes?