How To Clean Your Drapes

Drapes are a wonderful investment to any home, so you should ensure that you take care of them so they will last for a long time. Not only to drapes give you privacy and an aesthetic addition to your room, they also keep your furniture’s fabric protected from damaging sunlight. Draperies are often overlooked by homeowners, mostly because they aren’t walked on or people don’t sit on them. But despite the fact that your window treatments look clean, they are more than likely dirty from years or months of hanging up in a room.

Despite the fact that draperies or even other window treatments are not exactly on your floor and look clean to the naked eye, they do retain lots of dirt such dust, oil, smoke, pollen and even bacteria. This is why you should start a routine of cleaning your drapes everyday. This does not mean you have to bust out the cleaning supplies — you can simply do this by just shaking the panels gently when you raise them up at night or in the afternoon. This keeps dirt as well as dust from staying in the fabric.

A great tool you can use to clean your drapes is your vacuum. A handheld vacuum is perfect for going up the panels to take off all the dust and dirt. Try to vacuum your drapes at least once a week. If this is too much for your schedule, then you should clean them once a month.

Some drapes can even be washed. If you have smaller drapes, then hand wash them. Longer drapes can be placed in your washing machine — use the short, gentle cycle only with cool water and don’t put too many items in your washer. Once out of the washing machine, put your drapes on a line out of sunlight. If you are comfortable with throwing them in the dryer, put them on an air setting and remove once dry.

If your drapes are old, faded or are not machine washable, then use a professional cleaner to take care of them.