Hang Your Outdoor Drapes Creatively

We have a few months until spring is upon us, so it is about time to consider a part of our homes that are usually vacant during the winter months: The outdoors. Once it is warm again, you should take in the sunshine in your backyard as much as possible. That said, make your outdoors a more soothing place to be by utilizing more creativity in hanging your outdoor drapes.

As previously mentioned in this very blog, outdoor drapery makes your backyard or patio the ideal hangout for play, reading, barbecues and more. The possibilities are endless. If you already have them installed, then consider the following ideas to create a unique feel:

* Use bamboo rods instead of a conventional rod to hang your drapes. Using bamboo rods will give your outdoor area a special feng shui style. Before hanging, make sure the bamboo rod is a little bit longer than the width of the drapes and that there are no splinters to snag the drapes. You can get rid of the splinters by using sandpaper. Just slide the drapes through and voila! You have a beautiful curtain rod that accents any outdoor area.

* Use fishing line to create an invisible drapery hanging. To use fishing line to hang them, you will need an outdoor roof to do this because you will have to attach screw-in hooks about a foot apart. Select draperies with grommets so that the hanging will be easier. As you string the line through the hooks and the grommets when hanging, make sure there is at least 6 inches of string between them so the draperies can flow more easily.

* Have an outdoor garage that you don’t use? Consider making it a place to hang out by clearing out the old boxes, putting some furniture inside and hanging sheers over the windows to make a comfortable nook for reading or whatever you desire.

If you are currently thinking about outdoor drapes for your backyard, porch or patio, then visit DrapeStyle’s website at www.drapestyle.com today so you can get back out in the sun again.