Give A Custom Touch To Drapes By Adding Designer Trims

Do you love your drapes but feel they are missing something? If you can’t part with the lovely draperies that are hanging in your home, maybe a great way to give them a simple upgrade is to add designer trim.

By adding designer trim, you can enhance the appearance of your draperies. It increases the luxury of the material as well as other colors to make additional patterns and room elements easier to coordinate in your room. If your drapes are a little shorter than you would prefer, adding trim creates some extra length (and drama) to your panels. You’ll impress your guests when they learn that the trims were an addition from you.

Trims are available in many different styles. You have probably seen fringe, gimp, tassels and cording in different homes you have visited or in home decorating magazines. You can even dress up your drapes by adding romantic lace to the bottom of them. There are also fabric tapes that are available in a world of patterns from stripes to Greek key patterns. If you can’t find a pattern that you like, you can even make your own by adding a fabric that complements your drapes to the bottom of the panels. This is great for when your children want drapes that feature dinosaurs or castles. If you can’t agree on a pattern with them, at least you can compromise by simply adding a pattern that they like to the bottom of the panels.

It’s fairly easy to add on the designer trim. If you plan to sew on the designer trim yourself, remember that the trim will need to be sewn on the inner side of each panel along the bottom. You will also need 12 yards of trim per drapes that are 100 inches long. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, there should be plenty of seamstresses in your area who can sew on the new trim of the drapes for you.

Designer trims give a professional flair to any set of drapes. Make your draperies a showcase of your personality.