Fire Treated Drapery at DrapeStyle

We are in the process of finishing a large job for a commercial Client. The Client is a Church and we are making their drapes for their Community Center and stage. As part of the process of making drapery for any commercial project where the premises will be accessed by the public we must have the drapery fabric “fire treated”.

When we fire treat the fabric we send it out to a company that takes the fabric and coats it with a “fire resistant” chemical. It is very important to be clear that this process, nor does any process, make the fabric or drapery “fire proof”. What the process does do is to slow the burn rate of the fabric to allow for more time for people to vacate the area.

Whenever you see drapery in a hotel, restaurant or any public area that drapery has been fire treated. Before the drapery is installed most local fire codes require that a sample of the fire treated material be sent to the fire department. In addition to the fabric samples we also send specific certificates which clearly identify what fabrics were fire treated and how long the expected “burn rate” is.

Once the fire department has the fabric samples they will actually conduct a “burn rate analysis” on a controlled lab. In the test the fabric will be ignited and the rate at which the fire consumes the fabric will be recorded and documented. The fabric will either “pass” or “fail” based on the burn rate in the lab.

Assuming that the fabric passes the burn rate test in the lab, the fire department will provide the building owner with a certificate which will allow them to proceed with opening the facility to the public.

I know, this is a long way of saying “DrapeStyle can Fire Treat your drapery”. We can complete the same process for your home as we do for a commercial project. The process will, of course, add to the price and the lead-time but if you are concerned about the flammability of your drapery than you should consider having them fire treated. We don’t offer the service / process on our website so please feel free to call and speak to one of our Design Professionals to learn more about fire treating your custom drapes.