Custom Velvet Drapes by DrapeStyle

Custom velvet drapes have been a Designers favorite for years. Velvet is a very durable fabric with excellent insulting qualities and has been used for custom drapery for over 100 years. Because velvet is a heavier fabric it tends to hang very full when used as drapery and works well with almost any pleat style including grommets. One important consideration when selecting Velvet as your custom drapery fabric is to get a sturdy drapery hardware and pole option that will support the weight of velvet. Raw Velvet weighs about twice as much a similar silk, linen or cotton so be sure that your drapery hardware can handle the load. The benefit of such heavy material is incredible insulation from both noise and temperature. Velvet will help keep you warm in the winter and cold in the summer.

Custom Velvet Drapes
Custom velvet Drapery by DrapeStyle