Bring Victorian Style To Your Home Window Treatments

The Victorian Era style is one that never loses its luster. Its influence on fashion, architecture and even home decor is seen well after Queen Victoria ruled England during the 19th century. So if you are trying to find a way to bring an exquisite splendor to your home, then Victorian draperies are for you.

Victorian style is very detailed and over the top, busy with lots of lace and completely exuberant. People usually think of lots of frills and lace whenever they are asked to define the style. One who wants to create a more romantic or even dramatic look in their home would be hard-pressed to find a look that never goes out of style. This look is perfect when your home is accented in lots of pictures hanging on the wall and antique Victorian style furniture or even furniture that imitates the style. Don’t forget to place roses everywhere — dried ones are OK as well. All you have to remember is that lace is everything when you are going for a Victorian theme. Use it as sheers by placing lace behind your drapes. You can even place them as trimming at the bottom of your drapes.

Another key element to Victorian style is putting drapes everywhere, not only on doors. Put them on your doors, mantelpieces or even tables. The perfect drapes for this look would be silk in earth colors such as brown. Placing tassels or even decorative cords on them should complete the look.

To take your window treatments a step further, place a valance over the drapes. Victorian-style valances use a fabric styling known as the festoon, which is fabric that is either dramatically draped or swooped so it creates a teardrop effect. You can either have one or two festoons, which will give another element to your Victorian look. Add some more flair to your valance by using tassels or beading.

Whether you want Victorian style drapes or even a more modern look, check out DrapeStyle’s website at for a style that suits your home.