A Few Window Treatment Ideas for French Doors

Do you have French doors in your home? If you don’t know what window treatments will suit them best or that will add a certain visual appeal, consider the following ideas:

* Use a touch of the natural look with woven wood shades that will give a modern appeal to your French doors as well as a warm dimension to the room they are installed in. These shades can be drawn up to bring in extra light during the day and lowered at night to give you privacy in your home. You may even give a dramatic look to the woven wood shades by installing a decorative rod over the door frame and installing silk draperies in a rich green color (think of the green you see on bamboo leaves).

* Speaking of shades, consider placing Roman shades on your French doors. This classic look is drawn up, giving an impressive visual even when they are lowered. They are usually available in either solids or patterns. If you only have one French door instead of double French doors, you can even place the Roman shades up near the ceiling to keep it away from the door and to give it a more unique look.
If you don’t want to use shades and want to have the look of a huge window, then just place a rod over the French doors and hang long draperies. Remember that long draperies elongate any room. You can even place the rod near the ceiling for an extravagant look.

* Add a light feel to a room by placing white sheers or even drapes behind a white cornice that is installed along the molding. This will create a soothing look that is perfect for a dining room or even your bedroom.

* If your home doesn’t need a lot of privacy (lucky you!), then less might be more. You may opt to just place a valance over the glass on your door to maximize the style and minimize the fabric.

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