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Time Trial Window Treatments Where to Get Last-Minute Coverage in Curtains

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Reprinted from House and Garden Magazine.

1.  Ballard Designs

What we ordered:  84-In silk panels in Dutches Blue, lined with cotton.

Delivery:  Overnight for $18 plus standard delivery charges.

Quality:  The 2-inch flange above the rod pocket is a pretty detail.

Fast Track:  Simple and Basic.  No overnight delivery for online orders.


2.  Anthropologie

What we ordered:  Tuscan Rose cotton panels with valance trimmed in pom-poms.  $68 each.

Delivery:  Overnight with a $24 charge; three days $19.

Quality:  Not much in the way of frills but the price was right.

Fast Track:  Perfect for a little girls bedroom.


3.  DrapeStyle

What we ordered:  Pink silk taffeta panels with red edge banding, lining, interlining and French pleats, $757.

Delivery:  Our rush order arrived in one week with a $49 charge, but count on three to four weeks for fabric in stock.

Quality:  Beautifully made to order.

Fast Track:  Choose from 29 silks or 16 tasteful linens.  Plain curtains may be ordered on the web, but for fancy touches you must call.


4.  The Curtain Exchange

What we ordered:  Mica silk taffeta embroidered panels in taupe, $1,795

Delivery:  Grab-and-go, 80 designs at 22 stores nationwide.  Custom orders in a mere two to four weeks.

Quality:  Opulent, as you would expect for this price.

Fast Track:  Big store selection, small-store convenience, allows 48-hour trial period.


A review of Curtain Retailers by House and Garden Magazine



Great Drapes for Our Friends in Australia!

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

We love making great curtains, drapes and window treatments here at DrapeStyle.  That’s no secret.  We ship our Drapes all over the world.  One of our favorite places to ship them to is Australia.  We’ve been making drapes and shipping them to the Aussies for over a decade..and they seem to love us!

Here is a fun photo of our most recent order of a bunch of drapes and a really long roman shade getting ready to leave our warehouse destined for a home in South Australia.

More Gorgeous DrapeStyle Custom Curtains and Roman Shades bound for South Australia!

If you’re in Australia and are looking for amazing Custom Drapery, Curtains or Window Treatments please call DrapeStyle!

Updated Sale Pricing

Monday, May 6th, 2013

We’ve updated our current Sale Pricing and extended the discounts until May 17th!  Our new Sale features Custom Silk Drapes at 15% Off, Solid Classic Linen Drapes at 20% Off and our popular Striped Silk Dupioni at 15% Off.

Our Pricing on Custom Roman Blinds is still some of the most competitive in the industry with custom roman shades and blinds in your choice of over 400 designer fabrics!




Adding The Finishing Touches…

Friday, April 12th, 2013

We were making the the finishing touches to these beautiful drapes from our Hotel Collection this morning.  Really gorgeous color combination this Customer chose.  These custom silk drapes will be finished today and shipped to a new home.  We love it when our Customers choose some really unique combinations to make their drapes truly personalized for their home.  Your not going to find these at Restoration Hardware or anywhere else for that matter.

Beautifully Made to Order at DrapeStyle.  Since 2002, right here in California!


Over a Decade Making Incredible Custom Silk Drapes

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

At DrapeStyle we’ve been making incredible custom drapes for well over a decade.  We’ve been making them by hand, in the USA and we could not be prouder of our DrapeStyle Family.  Over the past decade we have seen styles evolve.  What was old is now new, what is new is already passe.  What we are always reminded of, however, is the staying power of the classic silk drapes that our Customers love and just never go out of style.

Right now when you buy your silk drapes at DrapStyle you can upgrade to room-darkening and energy saving blackout lining for just $99 per panel.  Turning any of our drapery in blackout drapes is a great way to save energy and create that “Boutique Hotel Room” in your own home.  And, at DrapeStyle we only using the highest quality blackout lining from Hanes, the Industry Leader in drapery linings.

Whether your home decor are traditional, transitional or contemporary we have the perfect fabric color and pleat style to compliment your home.  Of course, if you need a little extra help in deciding on which color, size or pleat style, please don’t hesitate to call one of our talented Designers at 800-760-8257.  Our Designers are never on commission and are only here to help you make the right choice for your home.

Please also take a look at our new Video Room where we have posted a few short videos of how we make your silk drapes and pillows.

Thanks as always from DrapeStyle






Hyland Contemporary Cotton Drapes

Friday, January 25th, 2013

We are really loving our Hyland Collection of Contemporary Cotton Drapes.  The pattern is a very modern basket weave and the color palette is amazing.  Because this fabric is made from a cotton / poly blend it is resistant to wrinkles and is very durable.  Of course we can make these drapes in any length or width for larger, longer or wider windows.

We did a quick photo of one of the more popular colors in Hyland Straw which is really gorgeous.  The color is a very soft ivory and is very versatile.  Order samples of all of the fabrics to see the fabric in your own home.


Cortinas Para Usted!

Monday, January 14th, 2013

We just got back from a trip down to Mexico looking at a few Hotel Projects.  It really is amazing how many new properties are being built in the resort areas of Mexico.  It’s nice to see that their economy, after years of hyper inflation has now stabilized and is growing.

The Internet is really such an amazing thing.  I know, this has been said by millions but it really does remind us how small the world is.  The ability for Companies to find our Products online and contact us when they are looking to buy Drapery or Cortinas was unheard of only a decade ago.  Any business today and truly be a “International” business if they desire.

We’ve shipped drapes to almost every continent at this point so whether you are looking for Drapes, Cortinas, Les rideaux, Drapiert or Tende we have you covered.

One of our more popular areas for shipping our custom drapery too has been in the Cabo Area.  Specifically Developments like El Dorado, Cabo Del Sol, Palmilla, Pedregal, Espiritu Del Mar, and Villas Del Mar.

DrapeStyle is happy to ship our Custom Made Curtains and Shades to Mexico, Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Japan and The United Kingdom.



Where to Buy Custom Drapes Online

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012


We realize that you have many choices of where to buy your next set of custom drapes.  When we started DrapeStyle about twelve years ago the notion of buying or selling custom curtains online was really just a novelty at best.  No one really thought that it was a good idea or a realistic one for that matter.  Over a decade later with over 50,000 Customers in ten countries the idea of buying everything, including custom drapes is not only accepted but in most cases now the “norm”.

Sometimes we look back to catalogs and marketing pieces we made ten years ago and it’s fun to just reminisce.  Here is one of our first tv commercials we made that we used to run on local television.


We sincerely look forward to the next ten years for sure!

Outdoor Drapery Time Again?

Monday, December 17th, 2012

I know it’s crazy to start thinking about Outdoor Drapery again.  After all it’s not even Christmas yet.  You know that as soon as the Holidays are over you’ll start thinking about Spring and getting your house ready for outdoor entertaining.  This really is the best time of year to buy your outdoor drapery when you are not in a panic to get them installed.  Order now and you can really take your time.

At DrapeStyle we have dozens of great outdoor fabrics to choose from.  You probably already know Sunbrella for great outdoor fabrics but we have some great contemporary designer outdoor fabrics as well.  Remember, we can also make your custom outdoor pillows to match!


Drapery Design Blog

Monday, December 17th, 2012

We’re always looking for photos from our Clients and Customer to post on both our Drapery Design Blog – here, as well as our Pinterest Page, Houzz and our Facebook Fan Page.  If you have purchsed drapes, curtains, roman shades, blinds or even pillows please forward us some images and we will post them or all of our fans to see!

Thanks so much!


More DrapeStyle Showrooms Coming Soon!

Monday, December 17th, 2012

We are pleased to announce that, based on popular demand, we will have a few new DrapeStyle Showrooms opening in 2013.  We’re not allowed to say the exact locations but it looks like Chicago, New York / New Jersey and Ft. Lauderdale are first on the list!  Shorty thereafter in Dallas as well.

The new studio concept will feature all of DrapeStyle’s current Collection of Luxury Custom Drapes, Curtains, Roman Shades, Blinds and Hardware.  We are only opening locations where we already have an Certified Drapery Installer Base.  Like our current Southern California Store, we will offer shop-at-home / in-home consultations as well as professional installation services.  Our Drapery Workroom / Production Facility will remain in Orange County, CA.

Stay tuned for more details and thanks so much for over 10 years of support.




Comtemporary Drapes

Friday, December 14th, 2012

At DrapeStyle we’ve been making contemporary drapes for over a decade.  When we say “Contemporary” here is what we mean.

  • Contemporary Pleat Styles:  The most popular pleat for contemporary curtains or drapes is the Grommet Pleat.  We offer many different style of grommets from large stainless steel to medium sized brushed nickel and brass.  Of course, we hand-press each grommet right here in our Orange County Workroom.  As a matter of fact, we have a short video of how we hand press each grommet here:

  • Contemporary Fabrics:  When it comes to contemporary fabrics for drapes, curtains or roman shades and blinds we really have you covered.  At DrapeStyle we have over 300 fabric styles many of them are contemporary metallic or geometric.  We even have some amazing metallic sheer fabrics that are awesome and we usually use grommets with them as well.  A few years ago Schumacher introduced the Imperial Trellis Fabrics that really defined the “Hollywood Regency” look which is really vintage contemporary and is used in so many mid-century homes in Palm Springs and LA.  We offer contemporary geometric fabrics in linen, cotton and polyester to meet anyone’s budget.

But our contemporary fabrics are certainly not exclusive to the west coast.  We’ve done some amazing contemporary projects in New York, Connecticut and Florida as well.  Here is a great shot of some contemporary modern drapes we did for a high-rise project in LA.  Notice how we marry the metallic fabrics with over-sized grommets for a very modern look.

Contemporary Curtains and Drapes by DrapeStyle

We used a very modern metallic fabric to make these drapes and then used the over-sized grommets in matte-nickel to really make them ultra-contemporary.

  • Modern Length and Width:  Like the way suit styles or hem-line styles vary, so do the cuts of drapery and curtains.  For a more modern or contemporary look most Designers are opting for less “puddle” where the bottom hem of the drapes end about 1-2 inches above the floor.  This is a contrast from traditional drapery lengths that will often “puddle” on the floor with an extra 6-8 inches of fabric.


Happy Friday!!

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Can we really have arrived at another Friday so quickly?  It really seems that time is accelerated during this time of year.  We are busy working on all of the orders we need to get shipped before Christmas.  Our “Drapery Elves” are back there in their Drapery Workroom working themselves silly.  Thanks for all of your support as always!

Oh Boy!

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

It’s “Ugly Christmas Sweater Day” at DrapeStyle!!   Someone stop them!



Ugly Sweater Day at DrapeStyle!!

Sales Tax?

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

One of the things we all love about online shopping is that most purchases are excluded from State Sales Tax.  This is a controversial issue in most states and changes may be afoot in the near future but for now the law is pretty clear.  If an online retailer does not have a “physical presence” in a state than they are excluded from collecting sales tax in that state.  For DrapeStyle and our Customers we try to be very clear on every page of our Store.  We only charge Sales Tax on transactions that are purchased and being shipping to an address in the State of California.  There is quite a bit of “chatter” that we may only have a year or two left before we start charging sales tax in / for every State we ship to, but for now, it is just California.

When you are considering a large purchase (like our Drapes) the sales tax issue can be a pretty big deal, often amounting to hundreds of dollars.  So, to be clear (if not redundant) if you are outside of California we do not collect sales tax on your drapery purchase.  Important point as we are not Tax Advisers – but we think that you are supposed to claim the purchase to your local tax district and pay them sales tax.




THE | OUTLET Clearance Continues!

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

These are some amazingly beautiful custom made curtains and drapery in your choice of pleat and lining options, including Blackout Lined!!  Look at these hand-woven silks we just added at 31% Off!  You could not buy the fabric and make your own drapes for what these cost!  And they are all hand made right here in Orange County, USA!  Don’t miss these amazing deals, most at more than Half Price!


Huge Discount on These Hand-Woven Silk Drapes

Huge Discounts on Sale Prices in THE OUTLET!!

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Seriously, we are selling most off the drapes at or below our cost!  Have you seen the Edge-Banded Estate Linen Drapes with gorgeous banding?  They’re Now 70% OFF!  You could not make your own drapes at these prices!  We are clearing out the warehouse for the end of the year.  Grab these deals while you can, no coupon or code required!

DrapeStyle Welcomes Stefeny Stanyer – Expands In-Home Consultations

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

We are happy to introduce Stefeny Stanyer as the newest addition to our DrapeStyle staff. Stefeny will be working as a design consultant providing sales support to our walk-in customers as well as phone sales. Stefeny has 5+ years experience as a window treatment specialist working primarily with Interior Designers on complex projects, combined with her formal education in Interior Design we are confident that she can provide expert assistance for our customers’ growing needs. With Stefeny now on board we are thrilled to offer in-home consultations to local customers who wish for extra guidance in designing their draperies and selecting their fabrics.

New iPad App Coming From DrapeStyle

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

So we uploaded our new iPad App today to the Apple Store and we are really excited about it.  The new app will be an update to our current version.  The coolest feature of the new App is that you now order fabric samples online via the App!

We’ve also done some updating to the content of the app, featuring some great new images and added more drapery hardware and accessories like tassels and tie-backs.  Still can’t order drapes from the app but, after all, that’ what we have the website for.

We really look forward to your feedback on the new App!


Happy 12-12-12!

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Not sure of what the significance of 12-12-12 is but I guess we should “celebrate” it?  I saw on the morning news that thier is a rush for people to get married today so that their wedding license says “12-12-12″.  So, for whatever it may be worth, “Happy 12-12-12″ from all of us at DrapeStyle!